X marks the Spot

One of my favorite games as a child was to discover buried treasure. Of course, you needed a gang of like-minded ‘mates a couple of spades… and a treasure map! Before you knew knew it, we’d dug up half the garden and half the lovely old lady nextdoor’s garden too. The time we got really lucky, we dug up a couple of worms, and kept them to go “fishing” the next day.
Flash back to reality… now that we are all grown up, the romance of the treasure hunt remains entrenched in our hearts. So what better way to pay tribute to our childhood memories than by creating a treasure map of our own?

So we at bizFlats did just that, we created a map with all our properties on it so you can quickly find an apartment in your favorite area of Barcelona. It’s still in beta, so if you see anything strange happenning, be assured we’ll work to sort it out. Have a look at the map below

The new bizFlats Map View
The new bizFlats Map View

Pinpoint your exact requirements

You can add and remove the apartments in any area of Barcelona. Likewise, you can add and remove the types of apartments most suitable to your requirements. Then click on a property’s icon on the map itself to get the vital statistics and a picture in the nifty little bubble.

Atop the map you can see a list of apartments too, which is especially useful when you seek out multiple apartments for a big group, all in one location.

Toggle to your heart’s content

Now you can see your chosen apartments either on a list – the traditional way – or on the map. When you include the dates of arrival and departure you’ll get the prices too. So just click the tabs at the top and toggle back and forth as much as you like. Soon, we’ll add a synchronization so if you make a change to the list, you’ll update the map and vice versa.

The treasure of a lovely stay in Barcelona is right here waiting for you to find it.

Do you have suggestions on how to make the map tool even better? Is there a particularly useful tool you have found on another website that you’d like to share? Tell us in the comments below

Have a merry Chocolate Christmas

The Chocolate apartment in Barcelona

How about spending a few days in Barcelona this holiday season? Maybe shopping for gifts for your loved ones, pampering yourself at a spa or ringing in the New Year… the possibilities are limitless!

Take your friends or family to Barcelona and stay in our famous Chocolate apartment, a spacious gem of an apartment, 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, and of course the super cozy living area with a fireplace. Throw in the unbeatable central location so you spend more time doing the things you love and you may not want to resist the temptation.

To make your next stay even more special, we’re giving away a box of chocolate and a bottle of champagne for all stays at Chocolate apartment during December and January. Now that’s a great temptation for you… book now on www.bizflats.com.

See you in Barcelona!

Who Said Hot? Our terraced properties … a sunshining reggae

bizFlats' Meu Lindo Beach apartment

You might not have yet had time to adjust to the summer wardrobe and suddenly you discover that your sunscreen has expired, summer is here – you have to begin to take off your clothes and you’re pale as a ghost!!!!

Ok, calm down and relax for a while, because we have the cure to all these evils. The apartments with terrace that bizFlats offers, are the solution – you can now indulge in those first tanning sessions in total privacy and you can then go to the beach without being confused with the sand. Read more

Squeeeeeze us…bizFlats introducing a world of possibilities, our Concierge Services.

Barcelona is a vibrant and dynamic Mediterranean city and offers astounding array of experiences.  But even for the most experienced traveler the task of choosing exactly what to do may become a daunting one.  Especially if your stay in Barcelona is only a few days.


Therefore we created our Concierge Services to help you maximize your visit.  Maybe you would like to book a VIP table at famous Barcelona bar but don’t know how. Maybe you would like someone to take you on a tour of Avanguarde architecture? We can assist you immediately, Read more

Get your free gift…your happiness is our commitment


According to the latest research by World Health Organization, 99% of the people who begin their day with a suitable breakfast are much happier, have more successful lives and attract more seductive glances of women and men alike. The other 1%, had been born without a mouth.


Concerned and moved by this study, bizFlats offers breakfast for FREE, to all our clients from the 1st of July all summer long. Read more