How to Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Barcelona

New Year's Eve in Barcelon
Torre Agbar | Photo By Daniel Daranas


New Year’s Eve Barcelona 2014New Year’s Eve in Barcelona is legendary, with the country’s wonderful traditions wrapped up in the setting of this beautiful, historic city. While you’re romping around the town waiting for the clock to strike midnight it’s encouraged that you’ve adorned yourself in red undies. Cava, a delicious Spanish champagne, is the midnight drink, which accompanies the twelve grapes everyone is to eat with the twelve chimes of the clock. The tradition of grape-eating is meant to bring you a great year ahead. Beware though, it’s much harder than it sounds to stuff twelve seeded grapes in your mouth in just twelve dings of the clock! Locals tend to take a late supper at home before congregating with the public in various places, be it a club, street, or beach to celebrate the countdown. Paella is a traditional Spanish dish that many people will serve in celebration of the holiday. This dish is typically served as a rice and seafood dish cooked slowly. Hailing from Valencia it is typically referred to as Spain’s national dish, and is a wonderful communal meal to eat with friends and family. After a late meal there are many options for celebrating New Year’s Even in Barcelona. The Plaça d’Espanya is a popular spot, especially among visitors. From 23:30 until the New Year hits there will be live performances including the famous Castellers – the human castle builders. The fountain waters and fireworks show makes for quite the spectacule.

The Torre Agbar is another famous New Year’s Eve in Barcelona sight to see. This landmark becomes a beautiful light show worth checking on December 31st. For an incredibly traditional New Year’s Eve in Barcelona you’ll want to get tickets to the Tablao de Carmen, one of the top flamenco clubs in the city. Get your tickets soon for a late dinner and a flamenco show. Another classic Barcelona way to celebrate the upcoming 2015 is to head to one of the many beach clubs. The temperate climate in the city makes the beach a favorable choice for welcoming a brand new year. There are clubs lining the beachfront in Barcelona, so you’ll have a wonderful variety of places to go. New Year’s Eve in Barcelona is a fantastic time to experience some very unique and celebrated Spanish traditions. The city’s most famous attractions are in full effect in preparation for one of the biggest holiday celebrations the city sees. Barcelona, while full of breathtaking views and rich stories, is also full of people who know how to dine and party well when the occasion calls for it. There are more celebrations planned than can be counted, and the city’s charming locals and enthusiastic visitors are sure to make it a memorable time. If you’re considering visiting the city to celebrate the New Year check out some of the available bizFlat properties in prime locations for all your holiday festivities. You’ll feel right at home on Barcelona in one of these charming, comfortable apartments or villas. There are options for everyone, whether you’re visiting with your whole family, your sweetheart, or a group of friends.

Christmas Shopping in Barcelona

On 21st November Barcelona welcomed the holiday season by switching on the Christmas lights, filling the streets with joy and color. This 4th December The Shopping Night Barcelona will officially open the Christmas Shopping season.

Christmas lighting Passeig de Gracia

Barcelona is considered to be one of those places you must visit at least once. Regardless your age and what your interests are, you will most definitely be able to find something in Barcelona that will make you fall in love with this place and have the time of your life while there. Now imagine visiting Barcelona for Christmas! 

Some will enjoy the magnificent architecture, art and museums. Some will love the Christmas lighting and they will spend most of their time strolling all over the city. And yet, there are those who will love Christmas shopping in Barcelona.

In the US, Black Friday is considered the beginning of the Christmas shopping season and since a couple of years Barcelona has adopted this date, which corresponds to the day following Thanksgiving Day, which this year falls on Friday 28 November.  Many large stores in the city now celebrates Black Friday, offering huge discounts.

However, The Shopping Night Barcelona is the event that officially opens the Christmas shopping season in Barcelona. One of the best moments to go shopping in Barcelona is during TSNB, which is going to be held on the 4th of December, 2014, between eight in the evening and one hour after midnight. Passeig de Gracia will be the location where the event is going to be held, like the previous years.

The shopping night barcelona Palau Robert

Not only is Passeig de Gracia one of the most important avenues in Barcelona, but it is also a major shopping and business area of the city. It also has some of the most exclusive stores. Most tourists visit Passeig de Gracia, as notable landmarks such as Antoni Gaudí’s Casa Batlló and Casa Milà, also known as “La Pedrera” are located in this street. Furthemore, Casa Bonaventura Ferrer by Pere Falqués i Urpí and Casa Lleó Morera by Lluís Domènech i Montaner are also located in this Barcelona’s avenue. During the event, the avenue is closed for traffic, so visitors of the shopping night will get a unique opportunity to walk along a busy street of Barcelona, without any vehicles in sight.  It is estimated that over 25,000 people participated in the last year’s event, and this number is expected to be exceeded this year.

The main idea behind the fifth Shopping Night Barcelona is to present the lifestyle of Barcelona, its culture, food and tradition. Besides the promotions, organizers expect the event to influence city’s economy, by boosting sales during the event. The festive atmosphere will be visible, through sparkly decorations, red carpets and cordial atmosphere, as the organizer want to create a memorable event for all of those who love fashion and shopping. In addition, the stores will offer limited edition sales, which might feature some exclusive items of clothing and footwear, which is a perfect opportunity to purchase certain items.

The restaurants in the close vicinity of the event will also make sure that you have a great time during this event. They will participate by providing live music performances, menu tastings and enjoyable atmosphere for all the visitors. All of this combined creates an eventful night full of friendly and festive atmosphere, which is a perfect way to spend an evening out, especially if you are a tourist and you want to experience true magic of the city of Barcelona.

The theme of this Shopping Night Barcelona is the Golden Age of Hollywood. The heyday of American film industry will be stressed out throughout the event, as well as through the exhibitions and presentations of the great stars that marked the golden era of film history.

Let’s go shopping with glam!

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GANGS OF DENIM – Los Tejanos Invaden Barcelona

El tejano (o jeans) ha sido desde su creación el tejido casual por excelencia. Los pantalones tejanos, específicamente, han pasado de ser una prenda de faena a formar parte de nuestra vida diaria. Tanto si se va a la universidad como si asistimos a una reunión de negocios, un pantalón jeans nos saca de cualquier aprieto. La industria textil lo ha visto claramente y ha dedicado un salón exclusivo para su promoción y comercialización: DENIM by Premier Vision.

El pasado mes de mayo, la edición #14 del salón se celebró por primera vez en Barcelona, una ciudad considerada de las más “trendies” de Europa. Hoy la edición de otoño abre sus puertas en Fira Montjüic y espera superar los 4,000 visitantes. El salón es organizado por Premier Visión, uno de los shows más importantes sobre moda y tendencias que se celebra dos veces al año en Paris, y organizador además de importantes salones de moda en Istambul, Shanghai, Nueva York y Sao Paulo.

Denim by Première Vision es sin duda el evento que engloba toda la cadena de producción del tejido denim, desde el diseño del tejido hasta la confección de las prendas. Más de 100 expositores provenientes de todo el mundo estarán exhibiendo sus productos. Los visitantes podrán ver de primera mano las últimas tendencias en producción, lavados, terminaciones y accesorios. Desde el tejido a utilizarse hasta un botón, serán tendencias a explorar para esta temporada de Primavera/Verano 2016.

Ya seas diseñador, coolhunter, fabricante o distribuidor textil, GANGS OF DENIM Barcelona es el “place to be”. 

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How to do Business in Barcelona – Zuckerberg Style

Barcelona is considered an attractive tourist destination and an important business center, hosting worldwide shows as EIBTM 2014 and Mobile World Congress 2015.

EIBTM 2014


Development of infrastructure and strengthening of the business sector has lead Barcelona to become an international hosts of business events, gathering experts from different fields, such as economy, tourism, technology, etc. Therefore, numerous corporate events are organized in Barcelona every year, providing to the business professionals a huge opportunity for networking and establishing successful collaborations. One of the largest business events organized this year is EIBTM event, taking place now in Barcelona (18-20 November 2014).

The purpose of such event is to bring together the professionals from different industries, especially from travel industry in an event that will combine conferences, presentations, as well as business meetings and networking opportunities. This kind of event is a perfect opportunity for a companies to showcase its work to the other business professionals, and influential people in the sector.

Mobile World Capital Barcelona will host the Mobile World Congress from the 2nd until the 5th of March, 2015


This congress is one of the most important events focused on the latest innovations of mobile communication and technology. However, you will agree that attending such a huge congress might be a bit overwhelming and time consuming – not to mention poor sleeping hours.

If this is your first time attending EIBTM or Mobile World Congress, here you have some tips that will save you time and energy (to be used later on your “networking events”):

  • Download the complete agenda of the event, as well as the directions on how to get to the venue (available online at EIBTM and MWC2015).

  • Once you have defined the location of the event,  you should make your own agenda. Which events are you interested? Are you having meetings? Would you like to attend networking events? Will you like to enjoy Barcelona each day after the congress? Or you prefer to stay some additional days to do so?

  • Keep in mind that these events are organized in the middle of the week, so you could extend your stay in Barcelona over the weekend, which would be a great idea if you want to combine the business trip with a couple of days of vacation. In this way, you would be able to both attend the event, and spend some time sightseeing or enjoying at the beach. All you need to do is to find where to stay and you are ready to spend great time in Barcelona.

Networking Events

Networking is an important part of EIBTM, MWC and any other business show, as it represents a great opportunity for the participants to meet leading experts, colleagues and other people from from different fields. Besides the chance to acquire some new contacts, this kind of event can also help you establish or improve the existing relationship with other participants, regardless if those are the companies that might be up for a certain collaborative project, or individuals whom you may hire as experts, consults on certain topics, etc.

The atmosphere on networking events is much more relaxed than during different corporate activities on the actual event. Networking events are organized every day in the evening and they are open to all.  The final day of the EIBTM event is reserved for a club night. It is a popular tradition in these events to organize an evening in the local club. This year’s club night will be held in Opium Mar, Passeo Maritim de la Barceloneta, from 10 until 2 in the morning.

The next edition of Mobile World Congress will host a number of conferences with renowned keynotes and panel discussions, exhibitions, as well as networking and business opportunities. Some of the keynotes speakers in the event that is going to be held in Barcelona in March, 2015 include: Ken Hu, Deputy Chairman and Rotating CEO at Huawei, Mitchell Baker, Executive Chairwoman at Mozilla Foundation, Jimmy Wales, Founder of Wikipedia, Charles Scharf, CEO at Visa, and many other people who run world-famous companies.

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook Founder & CEO, at MWC 2014

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook Founder & CEO, attended the MWC2014, as a keynote speaker. This made sense given that mobile is key to Facebook’s strategy. This event gave him the opportunity to engage with key mobile operators and publicly announce  Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp.

If you are not from Barcelona, but you would like to attend the next edition of the MWC, you should try to find business apartments, as they are perfect for professionals who are in need of fully furnished apartments while participating in corporate events or attending seminars, conferences, etc., so corporate housing is pretty common in this city.

Finding the Perfect Accommodation for Mobile Congress


We have said before your sleeping hours will be reduced so, you should take the best of that time to have a restful sleep.  Finding business apartments is much better solution for you than staying in a hotel. Not only is it more comfortable, but it is a much more flexible solution, especially if you need accommodation for a longer period of time.

The major benefit when staying in a furnished apartment is that you will have all the perks you get from a real home. Besides more spacious environment, you will also be able to prepare food on your own, which is great if you prefer eating at home than going to the restaurants. In addition, if you are going to attend this event with couple of colleagues, staying in a business apartment will help you reduce the accommodation costs, as you can find apartments with several bedrooms. Finding opportunities for corporate housing in a city such as Barcelona is important, as you will probably have a lot of situations to attend various events that are organized in this city, and establishing a relationship with a company that provides corporate housing opportunities would be a great benefit for your company.

There is no doubt that you will enjoy attending the business events but if you get the chance to explore Barcelona, the visit will be even more complete, as Barcelona is one of those places in the world you simply must visit at least once. It is a place that has much to show off, including magnificent architecture and design, numerous art works and historic locations around the city, delicious traditional cuisine, exciting night life, a lot of shops and shopping areas, as well as a beach that resembles the beaches from the most beautiful resorts. All of this is combined into a city that lies on Mediterranean coast and is well connected with other parts of Spain, Europe and other major capitals of the world.

If you will be attending EIBTM or MWC2015 or if you will be relocated for business in Barcelona, don’t worry! You will find a lot of corporate housing and business-class apartments that will make your stay a memorable one.

Lady Gaga #ArtRave – Barcelona 2014

Barcelona is for many famous singers the No.1 choice when choosing cities for their tours. Last Saturday, it was Lady Gaga who took the stage on the #PalauSantJordi, providing 18,000 fans her “one and only” performance in Spain on her #ArtRave, ArtPop Ball Tour.

lady gaga art pop tour

lady gaga art pop tour barcelona

gaga art pop tour barcelona

Gaga, whom appears to have gained at least 20 pounds, made her presence when she jumped off the stage. Her “Little Monsters” went crazy and her security personnel was forced to intervene to bring the diva back to the stage.

Who’s NEXT? Elton John – Saturday, December 6 2014
Palau Sant Jordi – Barcelona – 21:00

La Diada, The Day of Catalonia


This holiday commemorates the fall of Barcelona in the hands of the Bourbon troops during the War of Spanish Succession on September 11, 1714, after fourteen months of siege. The Catalan Parliament declared September 11 as the National Day of Catalonia, “La Diada” and there are programmed several events for the day. The city is planning to receive more than 400,000 visitors, taking part in the acts.

If you are arriving on this day, keep in mind that it will be a difficult day regarding transportation, and the city will be full up. We never recommend taking the train from the airport on normal days and even less so, on a day like Sep 11, pickpockets will take advantage of the crowded trains. The best way to get into the city is taking the Aerobús, that will take you to Plaça Catalunya, final stop, were you should hop-off.

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You are arriving on a very special day with lots of people on the streets, so get ready for this festive occasion, and observe all the logical security measures regarding your cameras, wallets, purses, phones, etc., as you will do in any other place of the world which is heavily crowded.

Be prepared and enjoy your trip!



Vuelve el Cine bajo las Estrellas en Montjuïc

Vuelve el Cine bajo las Estrellas en Montjuïc

atardecer en montjuicEl 6 de julio dio inicio la 12° edición de Cinema a la Fresca, Sala Montjuïc, un evento para los amantes del séptimo arte en los jardines del Castillo de Montjuïc.  Sin duda, una experiencia diferente.


Tuve la oportunidad de asistir el verano pasado  a la proyección de Blancanieves “a la española”, adaptación del cuento original por parte de Pablo Berger, una película muda, gótica y en blanco negro, que  he de reconocer me sorprendió, pues eso de las pelis mudas nunca ha sido lo mío.

blancanieves_versión_españolaLo mejor de esta proyección fue la banda sonora en vivo, con música de Alfonso de Villalonga. La ejecución de la orquesta fue tan buena que nunca eché en falta los diálogos y por momentos olvidé que la música era en directo. La película tiene mucho de baile flamenco y cultura española. Ni hablar de la magnífica interpretación de Maribel Verdú, la madrastra. En mi opinión, excepcional.


En esta edición de Verano 2014, Sala Montjuïc  proyectará clásicos de la historia del cine. Un total de 16 films en versión original subtitulada que te harán revivir grandes momentos y crear nuevos recuerdos. No importa cuántas veces hayas visto Desayuno con Diamantes (Breakfast at Tiffany’s), verla bajo la luz de la luna, con una copa de vino, no tendrá nada que ver con las veces anteriores.

Otros grandes títulos que se proyectarán en este festival? Django Desencadenado, Grease y El Padrino, entre otros. Pero no todo será sobre Hollywood. Desde los inicios de Cine a la Fresca, el cortometraje ha sido un formato imprescindible y cada año, antes de cada película, se proyecta una selección de entre los mejores productores de cine de España. La programación completa del festival la encontrarás aquí.

Recomendaciones para Cine a la Fresca

  • Las puertas se abren a las 20.30 pero es recomendable llegar un poco antes si quieres alquilar tumbonas (3€), pues se agotan muy rápido.  Igualmente si quieres encontrar un buen sitio donde ubicar una manta o mantel para tumbarte cómodamente en la hierba será mejor que llegues pronto.
  • Si no te da tiempo a cenar antes, es buena idea que traigas tus tapas, quesos y vino de casa, pues las colas para comprar comida suelen ser interminables.
  • Hay un pequeño concierto de 20.45 a 22.00, antes de cada película,  lo que dará tiempo que las personas terminen de llegar y se ubiquen. La proyección será de 22.00 a 00.30 aproximadamente.
  • Toma en cuenta que, a diferencia de una sala de cine, todos los espectadores están al mismo nivel, o sea que cada vez que alguien se levanta incomoda a los demás. Intenta hacer todo lo que tengas que hacer antes del inicio de la película.
  • Por razones obvias, no se aceptan mascotas.
  • El precio de las entradas es lo mejor de Cine a la Fresca: 6€ o 10€ si deseas incluir una visita guiada al Castillo de Montjuïc.  Están a la venta en Atrápalo o en la entrada del evento pero es recomendable comprarlos con antelación para evitar colas.

Seas o no un cinéfilo, Cinema a la Fresca 2014 es un evento que no te puedes perder!

Música, Motos y Moda Invaden Barcelona

Este fin de semana ha sido de esos en los que debes escoger muy bien a qué actividades te apuntas.

Fira Montjuic SónarPara muchos, especialmente para los amantes de la electrónica,  el fin de semana empezó el jueves con la apertura del Sónar, el Festival de Música Avanzada y New Media Art de Barcelona. En su 21° edición, nada menos que 109,000 almas ansiosas de buena música y mucha fiesta se reunieron en Fira Montjuic, para Sónar de Día, y en Fira Gran Vía, para Sónar de Noche.

Sin duda, el Festival Sónar se ha convertido en una cita anual y está considerado entre los mejores festivales de música del mundo. No sorprende entonces que la organización haya puesto entradas a precio reducido en pre-venta para Sónar 2015 y que se hayan agotado en menos de 24 horas. O sea que si esperas no perderte la siguiente edición del Sónar Festival, empieza por separar los días  18, 19 y 20 de junio de 2015 en tu agenda y mantente atento a la próxima pre-venta.

Circuito Montmeló Marquez

El fin de semana siguió subiendo de temperatura y atrajo a los amantes de la velocidad y las motos al Circuito de Montmeló, donde se vivió la adrenalina del Gran Premio Monster Energy de Catalunya. Luego de mucho sol y algunas amenazas de lluvia, ayer domingo, Marc Márquez ganó la séptima carrera del Mundial Moto GP. Después de un duelo sin cuartel con el piloto de Yahama, Valentino Rossi, el piloto catalán dejó claro porqué es el actual campeón. Grande Márquez!

barcelona mileycirus

Volviendo a la música, otra que se robó el show fue la cantante ex-Disney (que ya de Hannah Montana no le queda nada) Miley Cyrus. El concierto empezó con la cantante saliendo de una enorme boca con su típica pose de “lengua afuera”, que ya se ha convertido en su marca personal. El espectáculo estuvo inspirado en el tema circense y lleno de toques  irreverentes (no voy a explicar más porque creo que una imagen dice más que mil palabras).

Por cierto, este sábado, 19 de junio, vuelve INTENZ DIAGONAL, la Shopping Night más esperada de Barcelona.  Diagonal, específicamente el tramo entre Calle Joan Güell y Calle Entença, estará llena de moda, gastronomía, y cultura, todo un espectáculo artístico inspirado en el circo. Será que el tema circense es tendencia? 


Barcelona Bridal Week

Barcelona es una de las ciudades más fashionistas de Europa – y del mundo, me atrevería a decir – por lo que cualquier cita de moda que se lleve acabo aquí es un “must”.

Tanto si eres un diseñador emergente, como si estás a punto de casarte, Barcelona Bridal  Week es el sitio donde debes estar esta semana.

Trajes de Novia Rosa Clará en Barcelona Bridal Week

Rosa Clará, la diseñadora catalana que ha dado tanta proyección internacional a la Marca España, abrió ayer la Pasarela Gaudí con diseños inspirados en Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn y Annie Hall, entre otras grandes musas.

En primera fila se encontraba reconocidas celebrities y algunas parejas de los futbolistas del Barça, Antonella Roccuzzo –pareja de Messi-, Daniella Semaan –pareja de Cesc Fábregas-, Yolanda Cardona –mujer de Víctor Valdés-, Nuria Cunillera –mujer de Xavi Hernández-, y Gabriela Lenzi – “buena amiga” de Neymar.

mujeres del barcelona F.C. en pasarela gaudí

Otros diseñadores que estarán presentes serán Victorio & Lucchino  y Pronovias, este último se encargará de cerrar el evento con broche de oro.

Pero el Barcelona Bridal Week no termina aquí, ya que del 9 al 11 de mayo se desarrolla el Salón Internacional Novia España que aglutina a los mejores profesionales del sector, representando cerca de 200 marcas, el 50% de ellas internacionales.

Barcelona Bridal Week Novia España

Si este año te lo perdiste, toma nota y contacta con bizFlats para el Barcelona Bridal Week 2015.

Ayrton Senna, Twenty Years Tribute

Formula One is synonim of adrenaline and speed but it has a history of injuries and death too. Thirty five drivers have lost their lives doing what they love the most.

During San Marino 1994, two pilots lost their lives:

Roland Ratzenberger crashed at over 190mph. He had damaged the wing on the previous lap but had decided to continue.

The day after, Ayrton Senna died when his car lammed into a concrete wall at around 135mph. Ironically, officials found an Austrian flag which, had he won, Senna would have raised in honour of Ratzenberger.

Twenty years has past since that  fatal weekend at San Marino. This year over the four days of Imola circuit an exhibition to homeage and remember these two pilots will be open to public.

Yes, Formula 1 is a dangerous sport but isn’t life dangerous too? Seven times a champion, Michael Schumacher is still in comma after a skiing accident last December. Thankfully, some weeks ago his manager Sabine Kehm said he is starting to “show signs of consciousness and awakening”. I really hope he would make it.

The lesson to remember is that it doesn’t matter what you are up to or what your plans are…enjoy each second! Life is a race too. But you will never know your remaining laps.

Don’t miss the chance to visit Circuit Catalunya. Last apartments here.

Apartment for Formula One Barcelona