Sant Jordi: The Catalan Valentine’s Day

Roses, literature and love

sant jordi libros rosas barcelona

April is a great month to visit Catalunya for many reasons. It embraced the spring; the city turns into a beutiful palette of greens and pastels; the atmosphere is full of culture, literature and love. This is Sant Jordi, the equivalent to Valentine’s Day.

Maybe you already know that the 23rd April is considered the World Book Day as the world lost two of the most important poets and playwrights on April 1616: Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra and William Shakespeare. But Sant Jordi goes beyond that.  In Barcelona and all over Catalunya this day becomes an especially romantic festivity. The tradition comes from the famous legend of St George killing the dragon to save the beautiful princess from been offered in sacrifice to the beast. It is said that from the pool of red blood coming from the dragon’s heart the most beautiful roses sprouted. There are many versions of this story though.

Today couples exchange gifts on Sant Jordi: a book for the men and a rose for the women. You will find book and flower stalls everywhere.

Whether you are Don Quixote in search of your Dulcinea, or Juliet waiting for your beloved Romeo, you must live this unique Catalan tradition. Here some activities you might enjoy on this day:

Books signature:  Important writers will be signing your books at FNAC Arenas Mall, FabricaMoritz and Fábrica Damm. There will be more signature listings as the day comes for sure.

Places to visit on Sant Jordi

  • Plaza Sant Jaume:  The Chapel of Sant Jordi  and the Government Palace open their doors to visitors.
  • Las Ramblas: It is full of flower stalls all over the year but on Sant Jordi every square meter is filled with flowers, books and artists but if you dislike crowds you might prefer heading somewhere else.
  • Rambla Catalunya: More of the same, couples, roses and books.
  • Rambla del Raval: You will find flower and books stalls too, but since it is an open space, you will walk freely and may be able to choose a restaurant to enjoy a romantic lunch with no hassle.

If you are planning a love retreat, your anniversary or your honey moon during this month, Barcelona is your destination for sure. We will make all the arrangements to fill your atmosphere with love.


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Fórmula 1 – a Fascinating Sport

The fifth round of the 2014 season, Circuit Catalunya, is fast-approaching!

In few days Montmeló, Barcelona will become the meeting point of the world’s best drivers and speed lovers.

Last year I had the great opportunity to enjoy this exciting competition. Nothing matches the adrenaline rush on this motorsport event. Believe me, listening to Formula 1 will leave you breathless – and deaf for a day if you don’t use appropriate ear plugs (experience talking!).

Outstanding in every sense each lap is a battle for victory but two of my favorite parts are cornering and the pit lane. Both are the key between making it to the podium or not.

For those – like me – that didn’t know, Formula One drivers are some of the most highly conditioned athletes on earth. If you think about it, it’s obvious.  Driver’s neck must support the weight of both the head and helmet under intense loadings. These cornering forces cannot be easily simulated by conventional gym equipment so, many drivers train using specially designed equipment that enable them to specifically develop the muscles they will need to resist cornering forces. Powerful arm muscles are also required to enable the car to be controlled during longer races.

alonso f1 trainning

Drivers get most of the attention during the race but in the pit lane the success lays on the team. Changing a car’s tyre is a perfect choreography that can be over in less than three seconds. Amazing!

Maybe you are an adrenaline adict. Perhaps you are just planning your next holidays or you are part of the lucky ones that will be doing business in  Barcelona during these days. Either way Circuit Catalunya is a great opportunity to live a unique experience at one of the world’s most important competitions: Formula One.

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Barcelona is On FIRE!

January is almost over but business forums, congresses and fashion events have just begun in la Ciutat Comtal.
Don’t be surprised if you see a lot of fashionistas or bloggers while walking at Las Ramblas or Born. These days the city is full of fashion due to Barcelona 080, the most important fashion event of the year. Don’t miss this great opportunity to get to know El Mercat del Born. With renovations to the market completed in 2013, this old corner of Barcelona has been brought back to life.

For those of you reading this and thinking “who cares about fashion? Technology is the new trend!“, there are good news! During February, Barcelona will host two important events:

  • Social Media Week @SMWBarcelona (17-21 Feb): This congress will analyze the impact and reach of social media and technology under the global theme: The Future of Now: Always On, Always Connected.
  • Mobile World Congress @MWC_Barcelona (24-27 Feb): This world-class congress is the blueprint for the innovation. Whatever is coming NEXT will likely be born here.

So, if you are coming to Barcelona these days we have two suggestions for you:


1. Have a walk around Barri Gòtic, Born or Passeig de Gràcia. Who knows! You might meet Alessandra Ambrosio or Mark Zuckerberg!


2. Don’t miss the opportunity to stay in one of our luxury apartments  located in the most exclusive city area, Passeig de Gràcia. You will be surrounded by fashion and style, while enjoying your own relaxing space. 


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La Mimosa apartment, Carrer Valencia, one block away from Passeig de Gràcia

We know -it’s winter – but Barcelona is on fire! So come here and get warmed!