How to get Google Website Optimizer and Joomla to work together

Finally, I mustered up the courage and took the time to write my first post. Do read, enjoy, comment, curse to your heart’s desire. If I like the experience, maybe I’ll write even more … you have been warned!

Ever wanted your website to be more profitable?

Nowadays, websites for hobbyists, are well, just for fun; everything else is serious business, so undoubtedly turning a profit is first and foremost. How can you know if you’re not leaving money on the table? One sure way is to tweak your website to get more revenue from each visitor. Making simple changes can lead to large increase in conversion rates and profits.

Google’s Website Optimizer (GWO) probably needs no introduction by now, but let’s say that it’s a tool which allows you to test changes to your website scientifically in a controlled environment, before fully committing them, thus saving you from the painful mistakes of just following a gut feeling. I know from firsthand experience that can hurt, bad.

I won’t go into the gory details of how GWO works or how to set up experiments since google’s documentation covers that pretty well. However, I will say that if you can use just one tool to make better profits from your website, GWO is definitely the one. Heck, even optimization guru Bryan Eisenberg says he’d take it to a desert island! Read more

Biquini, Gallumbos, Barcelona

hoy voy a ir al grano...te voy a meter mano...Hace unos días que se comenta que si el presidente de los hoteleros de Barcelona, quiere proponer (o ha propuesto) que se prohíba que la gente vaya en bañador por las calles de la ciudad y ¡hala! todo el mundo a opinar.  Y lo mejor es que la mayoría de la gente opina que sí, que está genial que la gente vaya enseñando cacha por las esquinas.  Claro, que si el biquini va sobre un  cuerpo 90-60-90, o dejando entrever la tableta de Lindt pure noire… pues vale, pero a ver que pasa Read more

Squeeeeeze us…bizFlats introducing a world of possibilities, our Concierge Services.

Barcelona is a vibrant and dynamic Mediterranean city and offers astounding array of experiences.  But even for the most experienced traveler the task of choosing exactly what to do may become a daunting one.  Especially if your stay in Barcelona is only a few days.


Therefore we created our Concierge Services to help you maximize your visit.  Maybe you would like to book a VIP table at famous Barcelona bar but don’t know how. Maybe you would like someone to take you on a tour of Avanguarde architecture? We can assist you immediately, Read more