Michelin starred restaurants in Catalonia: restaurants with one star

Michelin starred restaurants in Catalonia: restaurants with one star

Today it’s time to talk about the Michelin starred restaurants in Catalonia with one star.  Recently we published an article about Michelin starred restaurants in Barcelona with one star to be your definitive guide of all the gastronomical wonders in the city. But Barcelona doesn’t have all the glory, there are even more one-star Michelin restaurants surrounding the city in Catalonia’s beautiful villages and countryside.

Els Casals

For a day or two away from the city, Els Casals is the perfect destination. It is located outside Sagàs, a picturesque village nestled in the Pre-Pyrenees valley. The country house hotel/restaurant is situated on lush farm land and sprawling gardens. Els Casals is down to earth fine dining – all the ingredients come from the farm itself, or from families nearby (Tatjés family’s pigeon, boneless and roasted orange duck from Bessa’s family).

Els casals

Estany Clar

This gorgeous converted farmhouse is a scenic hour’s drive from Barcelona. The dining room is a romantic haven of stone walls and soft lighting. Their tasting menu samples a vast range of their culinary talents from Grandmother’s canneloni to sliced roast veal and foie, each garnished with a different herb.

Michelin starred restaurants in Catalonia Estany Clar

Fonda Sala

Venture an hour north of Barcelona to the foothills of the Pyrenees for a breath of fresh air. Fonda Sala has had its Michelin star for longer than most and its dining room reflects its timeless dedication to fine food and wine, free of any fads or pretension, but still at the forefront of innovative cuisine with dishes like sweet and sour wild rabbit.

Fonda Sala


To the north of Barcelona, not far from the Montserrat monastery you can find L’Ó, a modern hotel/restaurant nestled amongst the medieval houses and churches that mark the area. The town in which L’Ò is situated, Sant Fruitós de Bages, has its own monastery and the food at this restaurant is indeed worthy of the gods; slow-cooked baby goat shoulder with mushrooms and truffle, and oyster with ponzu sauce, apple and codium.



Another restaurant worth venturing out of Barcelona for, Santa Coloma de Gramenet is home to a Michelin-starred restaurant that offers the most affordable tasting menu (dinner Tuesday to Thursday and lunch Tuesday to Friday) at just 40€ per person. Dishes like solid mojito, Campari & orange stuffed olive and Mojito truffle signal a restaurant that is not afraid to experiment.


Cal Jubany

In a converted farmhouse about an hour’s drive from Barcelona, Can Jubany offers a sumptuous choice of menus, from their own signature dishes (Catalan cured sausage ‘llonganissa’ and crispy pancetta), a gastronomic tour of Catalonia (pigeon rice with pork belly and sausage) and their sublime meal (Salad of red shrimps from Palamós with a thousand islands sauce ice cream).

Can Jubany


If you fancy a day on the coast, head to El Masnou, just past Badalona. It’s less than a 30 minute drive away and features seafood of the highest quality such as slow-cooked red tuna belly with potato cream and “allioli” of avocado, basil, spinach and sesame as well as Duck Royale with foie gras. It’s renowned for its vermut too, so be sure to start with the local aperitif or have a light lunch of burrata with pear and walnuts or steak tartar.


Just plan a daytrip away from Barcelona and taste the best of the rest from Michelin’s one-star A-list in Catalonia!


Michelin starred restaurants in Barcelona: restaurants with one star

The Michelin starred restaurants in Barcelona with one star range from superb local cuisine to the avant-garde. There is exquisite dining no matter where you are or what your taste. Here are the Michelin starred restaurants in Barcelona with one star to whet your appetite.


Michelin starred restaurants in Barcelona with one star:


Alkimia caters both for diners looking for modern gastronomy without the exclusivity, and those after the haute Catalan cuisine that the name is known for such as green beans and a salt cod brandade with wasabi. Famously a ‘chef’s chef’, Jordi Vilà’s receives visitors from visiting chefs and dedicated foodies, however it’s only open during the week.

Alkimia michelin starred restaurant in barcelona


Angle’s dining area sweeps up 3 stories to the skylight, offering the best views of any Michelin starred restaurants in Barcelona. Their red chairs are perfectly offset against the white linen tablecloths and their menu features some elements of the near (cured egg yolk with Iberian meats) and the far (Thai style roast market fish with small Norway lobster and young leek).

Angle restaurant with one micheling star barcelona


Featuring an elegant black and gold dining room, Caelis boasts an extensive wine selection and will help you pair them with innovative dishes such as Black squid ravioli with emulsion of coconut milk and citrus.

Caelis Barcelona restaurant with one michelin star


If you find Spanish cuisine to be a bit too centred around meat and fish, you can still enjoy Michelin-starred restaurants in Barcelona. Without being strictly vegetarian nor vegan, Céleri places organic, seasonal vegetables at center stage, using organic meat or seafood as an embellishment. The dishes are named simply; spinach, green beans and potatoes.

Celeri Restaurant barcelona

Cinc Sentits

Cinc Sentits means ‘5 senses’ and this Michelin-starred restaurant in Barcelona aims to stimulate all five senses, visually with their stunning, gold-fringed dining room and gastronomically with their distinctive version of classics such as surf and turf (crispy pork cheeks, saffron aioli and grilled squid) and paella with scorpion fish.

Cinc sentits barcelona michelin starred restaurant



For one of the most innovative Michelin-starred restaurants in Barcelona, head to the modernist district of Eixample, where you can find Disfrutar. The name means ‘enjoy’ and the first delight is the building itself; an impressive space that captures the spirit of the Mediterranean with clay, ceramics and wrought iron. El Bulli’s former chefs continue the techno-emotional cooking with mind-bending innovations such as macaroni à la carbonara with ham jelly.

Disfrutar Barcelona restaurant one michelin star

Dos Palillos

Another example of Michelin starred restaurants in Barcelona run by El Bulli alumni; Dos Palillos in Raval. The restaurant reflects the neighborhood’s mix of inner city urban edge and trendy modernism. The El Bulli ethos continues with an emphasis on the raw material and a delicate balance between simplicity and complexity. Its selection includes recognizable dishes such as spring rolls and dumplings, as well as the more daring anglerfish liver marinated in sake, steamed and served with ponzu sauce.

dos-palillos restaurant in barcelona


The décor at Hisop is minimalist blonde wood and white linen, letting the dishes take center stage. Their selection centres around meat (pork cheek with chanterelles and green curry) and seafood (red mullet with molluscs mayonnaise), presented in innovative ways. This is Michelin-starred Catalan cuisine at its finest.

Hisop restaurant barcelona


Such is Hofmann‘s dedication to fine dining and hospitality that it has its own school, setting the standard for Michelin-starred restaurants in Barcelona. The Hofmann brand also includes bakeries and bistros. The Hofmann restaurant is where it all comes together, be wowed by their strawberry soup with avocado tartare, anchovies and spicy ice cream.

Restaurant Hofmann

Hoja Santa

For something spicier, Hoja Santa serves Mexican cuisine of the highest standard, the only Michelin-starred restaurant in Barcelona serving Mexican cuisine. The dishes are traditional; mole, tacos, prawns and pork ribs, arranged on the plate like miniature abstract sculptures.

Hoja Santa Restaurant barcelona


For more distinctive Michelin-starred restaurants in Barcelona; a hummingbird and a hibiscus are Nectari‘s motif, and their inspired versions of traditional dishes such as butifarra (Catalan sausage) are adorned with flowers. Dining in Michelin-starred restaurants in Barcelona needn’t cost a fortune: their lunch special is just 35€ per person (plus tax).

REstaurant Nectari Barcelona michelin star


One of the most exotic Michelin-starred restaurants in Barcelona is Pakta in Poble Sec. Ferran’s brother Albert Adrià mixes Peruvian and Japanese cuisine. The space is like a Japanese tavern (izakaya) embellished with colorful Peruvian rugs, and the menu features ceviche and sushi amongst other emblematic dishes of Nikkei (Japanese Peruvian) cuisine.

Restaurant pakta barcelona

Restaurant Gaig

Restaurant Gaig’s minimalist wooden dining room epitomizes Michelin-starred restaurants in Barcelona, it’s both creative and classic. Don’t miss its signature cannelloni with truffle cream and charcoal grilled foie-gras on brioche.

Restaurant Gaig Barcelona

Roca Moo

Roca Moo has a unique feel; bare trees line the walls, much like you are sitting on a terrace on a very classy Barcelona street. It aims to break down the barriers between chef and diner by putting the finishing touches on their spectacular dishes (suckling lamb with Idiazábal mozzarella) right at the table.

Roca Moo restaurant


Probably the most famous Michelin-starred restaurant in Barcelona. El Bulli’s spirit lives on in Tickets, Sant Antoni. Tickets serves its own version of tapas from all over Spain, offering the choice of dishes to eat with your fingers (air waffle with basil, scamorza cheese and pine nuts), a spoon (saffron sponge with red mullet broth) or to share (crunchy octopus with kimchi mayonnaise and pickled cucumber). Such is its popularity however, bookings need to be made months in advance.

Tickets restaurant barcelona

Via Veneto

Michelin-starred restaurants in Barcelona don’t have to mean minimalism; Via Veneto‘s opulent décor speaks of its 50 years of expertise; it recently celebrated it’s 50th birthday and offers a tasting menu that is a culinary journey through their history, from 1960 (lobster with cardinal sauce) to 2017 (grilled asparagus with parmesan chantilly and Tahitian vanilla).

Via Veneto restaurant barcelona


Xerta brings you the flavors of the Delta d’Ebre, the only Michelin-starred restaurant in Barcelona to do so. Relax in their zen-like cream and grey dining room and treat yourself to slow-cooked Delta eel with aubergine, miso and black garlic.


These are a unique mix, that reflects the cosmopolitan diversity of the city itself. Enjoy the fine dining that the city has to offer!

Have you ever been in any of these exquisite Michelin-starred restaurants in Barcelona?


Best Barcelona Apps to enjoy the city

These Barcelona Apps will give you all the guidance you need. There is no need to wander around the city with your nose buried in a guide book!

Barcelona Apps: Transport

  • Virtual Bus Touristic App

Plan where you want to hop off by taking a ride on the virtual-reality version of this iconic bus tour first.

Virtual Bus Turistic Barcelona Apps

  • TMB App

This easy-to-use Barcelona app allows you to plan your route using the city’s combined bus, metro, train and tram network. Simply put in your start and end points and it will give you a list of options, the time each will take and when your first connection is due.

Barcelona Apps_TMB.l1

  • MyTaxi App

Simply enter your destination and how you want to pay you’ll soon be sent a picture of the driver who is on their way to you.

Barcelona Apps My Taxi App

Barcelona Apps: Sightseeing

  • The official guide to Barcelona App

A traditional city guide on your phone. Includes all the information you need as a tourist in Barcelona.

Barcelona Apps Barcelona_Guia_Oficial.l1

  • Mapp4all App

This Barcelona app details the accessibility of famous sights and museums as well as the more day to day amenities such as banks, supermarkets and restaurants.

Barcelona Apps app-mapp4all-l1

  • iBarcelona – Smartour App

The ultimate Barcelona app for the smart phone generation. If you don’t know where to start, follow their recommended itinerary or see what local events are near your apartment.

Barcelona Apps Smartour_Barcelona.l1

  • GaleriesArt App

Find everything you need to know about the galleries in the Association of Art Galleries of Catalonia (GGAC), from exhibition dates and opening hours to information about featured artists. The geolocation capability helps you find galleries near your apartment.


  • Joan Miró App

Scan the code next to the famous works to find out the story behind it. For an artistic spin on sightseeing, you can also walk a mile (or more!) in Miro’s shoes and take a look at his former residences around Barcelona.


  • Barcelona Metro Walks App

This Barcelona app will guide you around Barcelona’s surrounding neighbourhoods by public transport and on foot. The audio guide will show you the real Barcelona by explaining its history and development.


  • 22@Barcelona App

Jordi, a local architect and interior designer will give you a tour of a former industrial neighbourhood, now a urban hub of innovation.


  • Medieval Barcelona App

Be transported back to Barcelona’s golden age with this Barcelona app, admire the Romanesque and Gothic architecture which dominates the old part of the city.


  • Gaudí’s Barcelona App

This Barcelona app not only gives you practical information about these iconic sights, an architect and interior designer describes them in fascinating detail with music and sound effects.


Barcelona Apps: Food

  • Barcelona Restaurants App 

Makes choosing a restaurant from the multitude of mouth-watering possibilities easy, listing a selection of the city’s most recommended restaurants near your apartment.


So step into the 21st century and step out of your apartment with these helpful Barcelona apps.

Novedades editoriales en la Diada de Sant Jordi 2017

Novedades editoriales en la Diada de Sant Jordi 2017

 Desde el año 2015, la propia UNESCO ha nombrado a Barcelona “Ciudad de la Literatura”.

Ello sólo es la corroboración de que esta ciudad ha sido desde hace mucho tiempo una de las ciudades que da a los libros una importancia significativa. Barcelona es la capital editorial del mundo de habla hispana y es una de las pocas ciudades en que hay una festividad completamente dedicada a los libros y la literatura.

La Diada de Sant Jordi es y será siempre la festividad más emblemática de la primavera barcelonesa, y un momento en el que más allá del eslogan de “libros y rosas”, la literatura es la protagonista de un evento reconocido internacionalmente y que es parte  innegable de la imagen que Barcelona ofrece.  Si la literatura es la imagen frontal de este evento, hablaremos de las novedades editoriales que podremos disfrutar en este abril en Barcelona.

novedades literarias libros

Estrellas ascendentes

Este año la diada de Sant Jordi se acompañará de eventos culturales adicionales, incluyendo un festival nocturno en la plaza comercial del Born, denominado “Nit del Drac”. Gracias a esta organización, varios autores estarán presentes en la ciudad y presentarán sus obras esperando cautivar a los apasionados de la literatura. Entre estos nombres, hay dos estrellas literarias ascendentes que vale la pena seguir y por supuesto, leer sus obras:

Los cuentos de Sara Mesa

A pesar de que la joven autora sevillana, Sara Mesa, fue galardonada en los inicios de su carrera por su obra en verso, son sus cuentos lo que le ha dado un reconocimiento nacional e internacional. En el año 2015 recibió el Premio Ojo Crítica de la Narrativa y ello ha potenciado la presencia editorial de su obra.

Este año 2017 presenta una edición revisada de su premiada obra “Un incendio invisible”, además de seguir promocionando su libro “Mala Letra”, publicado en el año 2016.

Rodrigo Fresán y la metaliteratura

Para los apasionados de una literatura que habla a la vez de tópicos universales y de sí misma, introspectiva y compleja, “La Parte Soñada” del autor argentino les viene como anillo al dedo. En este texto recién publicado en marzo de este año, el autor rehace y deshace a la literatura contemporánea. Este escritor detalla sus certezas dándole a su texto literario una forma pulida, dándole voz a una época en la que lo único válido es el silencio. También es una oportunidad para redescubrir sus otras obras como “Jardines de Kensington” y “La parte inventada”.

Recordando a Gloria Fuertes

En conmemoración de los cien años del nacimiento de Gloria Fuertes, hay dos libros a los cuales merece poner la pena: “Me crece la barba”, que es una antología poética y una bellísima antología, editada por Jorge de Cascante: “El libro de Gloria Fuertes. Antología de poemas y vida”.

Max Basora y la presencia catalana

No podía faltar una presencia local en una fiesta que es tan significativa en la cultura de la ciudad de Barcelona. Este año los reflectores estarán sobre el escritor Max Basora, autóctono de la propia ciudad de Barcelona y multifacético autor que estará presentando su libro en catalán “Aventures i desventures de l’insòlit i admirable Joan Orpí, conquistador i fundador de la Nova Catalunya”. ¿Suena interesante? También será una oportunidad de descubrir (o redescubrir) su primera novela corta “Volcano” que fue un absoluto éxito de la crítica.

Novedades Editoriales En Ciencia Ficción

Hay muchas novedades internacionales que seguramente estarán presentes en la Sant Jordi. Recordando que este año la festividad es domingo, ello dará la oportunidad a muchas personas de recorrer librerías a placer, y los fanáticos de este género no serán la excepción. Autores como los siguientes, tendrán nuevas publicaciones en el abril barcelonés:

  • Ken Liu
  • Brandon Sanderson
  • Cixin Liu
  • Peter Tieryas
  • Steven Erikson

Autores consolidados: Rosa Montero

La diada también puede ser la oportunidad de revisitar la obra de autores consolidados en el gusto del público y protagonistas del mundo editorial barcelonés como Rosa Montero. Su último libro “La carne” publicado en 2016 seguramente figurará protagónico en la oferta literaria de la fiesta del libro, y si hay quienes aún no hayan caído en las redes de esta maravillosa autora española, seguro lo harán al probar la exquisitez de su pluma y su manejo de la palabra.

Jaume Cabré y su esperado retorno literario

El autor Jaume Cabré ha tomado su tiempo para escribir esta fuerte serie de cuentos que buscan explorar las emociones más oscuras del ser humano. Su título en catalán “Quan arriba la penombra” y “Cuando llega la penumbra” en castellano, nos deja entrever que son trece cuentos que se asoman al lado oscuro de la vida, personajes que enfrentan periodos complicados, ladrones, suicidas, rebeldías… historias que no buscan moralizar sino mostrar crudamente la violencia y su origen y efecto en el individuo y la sociedad. A no perderse, además de que su publicación el 5 de abril cae justo para la Sant Jordi.

Algo diferente

Y en una nota especial, Marc Pastor presenta su libro “Farishta”, una compleja novela que nos lleva a seguir la vida de una huérfana de un héroe afgano y a la vez nos embebe con la historia de cosas que suceden en la polinesia francesa.

Estas novedades y ofrecimientos culturales y literarios acompañarán un programa que incluye presentaciones de la reconocida dramaturga francesa Yasmina Reza (encargada del tradicional pregón) y una serie de festividades de otras artes que soportan cual pilares el papel protagónico de la literatura como medio de unión social y de enriquecimiento personal que define a la Diada de Sant Jordi.

¿Visitas Barcelona en Abril? Entonces aprovecha tu estancia en un cómodo loft en esta ciudad para descubrir toda la variada y novedosa oferta literaria que hemos descrito y que es la punta del iceberg de una multitud de lanzamientos y novedades editoriales que pintarán el rostro de la tradicional festividad de Sant Jordi: libros y rosas para este 2017.

Barcelona in 5 days – Barcelona Travel Guide

So, we previously showed you what you can visit in Barcelona in 1 day and in 3 days, and now it’s time to show you what you can do in Barcelona in 5 days.

When you have 5 full days to spend in Barcelona, you’ll be sure to maximize your time so you do not to miss the most attractive parts of the city. These 5 days should give you enough time to really appreciate this magnificent city.


What to do in Barcelona in 5 days:

Day 1 – La Sagrada Família to the Port

As suggested in our previous articles, you can start your visit from La Sagrada Família (metro L2 – purple line and L5 – blue line), go inside and spend 2 or 3 hours admiring its unique architecture. Tickets always sell out during the popular travel months, so we strongly suggest you pre-purchase the tickets online, so you can skip the queue and have a confirmed reservation.

After the visit, walk the streets of the Eixample district to Plaça Catalunya and La Rambla. Walking is a bit long (half an hour), so we suggest a stop at the Boqueria Market where you can eat, have a drink, and browse the local produce. Next to the market you will find El Teatre del Liceu, a very historically important centre for the arts where the best operas take place.

At the end of La Rambla, you will see the statue of Cristòfor Colom (you can visit but be sure you book it in advance). Now, cross the street and go towards the Port, where you will enjoy the view, walking around the marina taking photos of the mega yachts, and looking for that perfect something in the mall (Maremagnum) which is just across the bridge. If you like sea creatures and marine life, you can visit the Barcelona Aquarium, which is right next to the mall. As the day ends, take in the sunset from the Port, it’s stunning.


Day 2 – Born and Gothic Quarter

Day 2, Start the visit from the Barceloneta area, which means L4 – Yellow line, and stop at Ciutadella – Vila Olímpica. Spend around 1 hour walking around Ciutadella Park and rent a boat on the lake, it’s nice and quiet, just perfect for a short siesta or a picnic. Outside the park, you will see the Arc de Triomf, built in 1888 for the Universal Expo.

Heading west, you will be walking through the medieval Born district, well known for its magnificent Santa Maria del Mar, a Cathedral built in 1383. In the Born, you will also find the Picasso Museum. In this area we  recommend a restaurant called ‘El 300 del Born.’ Otherwise, the Mercat de la Princesa offers a wide variety of food with a modern ambience and live music.

Heading still further west, walk through the Gothic Quarter and visit its famous Cathedral. If you would like to tour the interior, proper attire is required (make sure your legs and shoulders are covered), otherwise you won’t be allowed inside the place of worship.

In this area there are many other churches and historical places like the old Jewish district, Plaça del Rei, and Palau de la Música Catalana.

Take the whole day and part of the night to visit these two districts. They are well worth it.


Day 3 – Gaudí

Now that you have experienced La Sagrada Família, it’s time to discover Gaudí’s other creations.

Gaudí is one of the most famous architects in the world. Taking a day to visit his masterpieces is a must, so start your day by taking the metro L3 – Green Line to Plaça Lesseps and follow the signs to the Park Güell. Entry is 7€.

We recommend booking the tickets in advance on their website (http://www.parkguell.cat/en/buy-tickets/). This Park is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

After spending 3-4 hours touring the Park, head to Passeig de Gràcia either on foot or by metro. If you decide to walk, you will see Barcelona’s hipster District: Gràcia. If you want to see Gaudí’s first house, it will be opened to the public at the end of this year. It’s located in Gràcia, on Carrer Carolines 18-24.

Once you reach Passeig de Gràcia, enjoy lots of shopping and boutique stores on both sides of the Avenue. Be sure to see the stunning Gaudí buildings Casa Batlló , and Casa Milà, also known as La Pedrera, another UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Both sites offer different kinds of tickets and tours. As you are staying 5 days in Barcelona, we recommend you also visit La Pedrera at night!

La Pedrera

Day 4 – Montjuïc

Can you imagine visiting a Castle on the top of a mountain while looking at stunning views of the sea and of Barcelona? Well, we’ll tell you how to get there!

Start your day at the bottom of the mountain and begin the walk up while admiring the city views. The cable car service begins on Avinguda Miramar and leaves visitors in front of the Castle. It has three stops, the first in Avinguda Miramar, one in the middle of Plaça de la Sardana, and one in front of the Castle.

The Montjuïc Castle was formerly a military fortress circa 1640. After the Spanish Civil War, it became a military museum and today it hosts different exhibitions and events.

Next, go down the hill and stop at the MACBA museum if you are interested in Catalan Contemporary Art, or simply admire the National Palace building. From there, you will see the Magic Fountains of Montjuïc. Most evenings from Thursday to Sunday there is a great show that combines colour, lights, water and music, and the best part- it’s free.

You can also enjoy the views from the mall in Plaça Espanya, Las Arenas. This place used to be a bullfighting ring, but today it is a great place to go shopping, or enjoy one of the many wonderful restaurants on the rooftop. We suggest you go to the rooftop terrace so you will have amazing views of this part of the city.


Day 5 – Tibidabo Amusement Park and the beach

Day 5 will be dedicated to amusement and relaxation.

Tibidabo Park is located at the top of the mountain with the same name. You can take a direct bus from Plaça Catalunya, drive, or take the Funicular.

From the top, at an altitude of 516 meters, you can visit the Temple Expiatori del Sagrat Cor. Take in the impressive views of Barcelona, eat at one of the great restaurants close by, and go to the amusement park which was founded in 1899.

TEmple expiatorio del Sagrat Cor

After having walked around Tibidabo, explored Modernism, Gothic and Roman architecture, having climbed mountains and walked for hours, you might just like to relax and we certainly don’t want you to miss the beach!

Get off at Barceloneta (L4 – Yellow line) and this time head east, as you walk to the beach. Enjoy the Passeig Marítim, by walking the pier, or renting a bicycle and stop in one of the bars to have a nice coffee or a cold drink. You will pass by different beaches and no matter which season of the year you decide to explore the city, the beach is a must. Delight in the sunset, and enjoy the ocean breeze.


On the other side of the road, you will find the Poblenou district which previously served as the industrial suburbs of the city, but today all the factories have moved, and many of the old factories have been remodelled and converted into stunning modern lofts. Night life, restaurants, dance clubs, and art studios can all be found in this district. It´s an exciting and very interesting place to be.

Also if you want to explore Barcelona’s nightlife, save money and drink like a local, try this revolutionary App: TomaBida, the App that allows you to discover Barcelona’s best Bar and get a free drink a day! With the BizFlats code, you have this offers for you:
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Download now TomaBida! Shall we get a drink?

We hope your experience in Barcelona for 5 days will be unique and unforgettable!

Festivales: Música y Sol en Barcelona

Festivales: Música y Sol en Barcelona

Los mejores festivales

La primavera en Barcelona es sinónimo de movimiento, música y diversión. Los días se hacen cada vez más largos, el ambiente veraniego ya puede sentirse al pasear por las calles, las terrazas se colman y empiezan a aparecer los chiringuitos de playa.

Para el que decide pasar unas vacaciones en la Ciudad Condal durante la primavera, la selecta temporada de festivales musicales es sin duda una incitación a la diversión y al disfrute. Se trata de una temporada vibrante e intensa que se extiende hacia el verano y que dota a esta ciudad de un fuerte encanto, sobre todo para un público joven, hambriento de música, baile y encuentros con los amigos.

Si al alquilar un apartamento en Barcelona deseas vivir una interesante y divertida experiencia musical llena de sol y de excelentes representaciones, dale un vistazo a esta increíble cartelera de festivales que abren sus puertas en cuanto el sol comienza a brillar en la bellísima ciudad de Barcelona:


Primavera Sound

Fecha: Del 31 de mayo al 4 de junio

Line Up aquí

Festival Primavera Sound - Ambiente exterior

Festival Primavera Sound 2017_día

Este festival llega a su 17° edición y con ello, va reafirmando su prestigio internacional, con un cartel de artistas internacionales de primer nivel, ecléctico y para todos los gustos. Este año hay casi doscientos artistas reconocidos que desde noviembre han confirmado su asistencia. Los dos emplazamientos principales serán los tradicionales: el Parc del Fórum presentando el grueso de la programación y en el barrio de El Raval se presentarán los conciertos gratuitos. Cabe recalcar que este festival siempre presenta una interesante mezcla de artistas emergentes y otros ya sólidamente arraigados en el cariño popular en distintas corrientes musicales: música electrónica, punk, guitarras, artistas nacionales e internacionales…sin duda, un festival a agendar si queremos experimentar una descarga de música y aprendizaje artístico.


Sónar 2017

Fecha: 15-16-17 de Junio

Line up aquí

Festival Sonar de día - Barcelona

Festival Sonar Noche - Barcelona

Este festival es sin duda alguna uno de los más reputados de la península ibérica y es un sello distintivo de la primavera en Barcelona, además de que el sello “Sonar” se precia de ser uno de los más aclamados como escaparate de la música electrónica. Con estos referentes, el festival Sonar en Barcelona se precia de presentar un cartel con lo mejor del universo musical en este género y no sólo eso, sino que se presenta también como un lugar creativo y de performance artística interactiva que va más allá de la música. Las presentaciones se realizan en dos ubicaciones: en la Fira Montjuïc de día (conciertos y showcases), así como el Sónar+D, un congreso internacional de la industria creativa, y por la noche, en Fira Gran Via de L’Hospitalet, sitio en que se realizan las mayores presentaciones musicales. DJ Shadow, Anderson .Paak, Arca y Soulwax están entre los artistas que se presentarán este año… ¿te interesa potenciar tu propia creatividad asistiendo a este magno evento?



Fecha: 7, 8 y 9 de julio

Line up aquí


Este festival musical (que se realiza ya entrando el verano) muestra que en el panorama musical barcelonés no sólo existe música electrónica. Este es el espacio ideal para presentaciones de los géneros pop y rock, con un cartel que cada año se supera a sí mismo presentando nombres reconocidos a escala global. Con artistas en diversos idiomas y de géneros diversos, la música se da cita en el Parc del Fòrum durante un fin de semana de locura en que se puede vivir a tope una descarga de energía, arte y baile. Con nombres como Jamiroquai, The Luimineers y Los Fabulosos Cadillacs el viernes 7 de junio y los Pet Shop Boys, The Prodigy y Residente el sábado 8, sin duda la diversión estará asegurada, en un festival que celebra el arte, la música y la entrada del verano en una ciudad que, como Barcelona, abre sus puertas a todas manifestaciones artísticas con una sonrisa.

BBF – Barceló(na) Beach Festival

Fecha: Sábado 15 de julio

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Festivales Barcelona Beach Festival

Si estás buscando un festival de música electrónica que ponga en escena a los mejores DJ’s del momento, ésta es tu mejor alternativa. Además (y tal y como su nombre lo indica) este festival se lleva a cabo en la playa. Los vídeos de ediciones anteriores te llevará a ver cómo este festival realmente presenta lo mejor de la música electrónica y las figuras mundiales del EDM en un escenario paradisiaco con miles de asistentes que se divierten juntos en un entorno de convivencia agradable y placentera.

Para no romper con una tradición de nombres de reputación mundial, en el 2017 el cartel está integrado por:

  • Jordi Vèliz
  • Axwell Λ Ingrosso
  • Martin Garrix
  • Hardwell
  • Kitten
  • JP Candela
  • Lost Frenquencies
  • Kygo
  • Armin van Buuren
  • Entre muchos otros…

A pesar de que el BBF se desarrolla en la playa, por razones de seguridad el acceso al mar no está permitido, lo que se controla con la instalación de vallas y personal de seguridad a lo largo de la playa.  El evento se desarrolla sobre la arena, por lo que se recomienda usar calzado adecuado — aunque al final de la noche seguro acabes descalzo — para poder disfrutar plenamente del baile y el ambiente acelerado del festival.

Todos estos festivales presentan un sistema de compra de tickets por adelantado y un riguroso método de admisión entrada en mano, con pulseras y control de entradas y salidas (a pesar de que en la mayoría hay libertad para entrar y salir, disfrutando de múltiples conciertos), que permiten divertirse en un entorno de seguridad y tranquilidad. Algunos de ellos donan una proporción de las entradas adquiridas a causas benéficas y en otros casos, ofrecen conciertos gratuitos.

Las opciones son diversas y las ideas, múltiples y divertidas. Lo único que hace falta es elegir uno (o varios) de estos festivales y conseguir un alojamiento adecuado como los apartamentos vacacionales en Barcelona, para disfrutar a plenitud de la música, el sol, la playa y la cultura que Barcelona tiene para ofrecer.

Barcelona in 3 days – Travel Guide

If you are lucky enough to have 3 whole days in one of the finest cities in the world, you don’t want to miss out on any of the best bits. With our “Barcelona in 3 days” article, we’ve compiled some suggestions for how to spend 72 hours in the capital of Catalonia to help you make the most of your stay.

Our suggested route for day 1 is as follows:

Day 1: La Sagrada Família, Gothic Quarter, and El Born

Start your sightseeing extravaganza with a visit to La Sagrada Família where you can marvel at Antoni Gaudí’s most impressive piece of work. In our previous article ´What to do in Barcelona in 1 Day , we suggested looking at it from the outside only, but if you have the time, it’s well worth a visit inside. A structure as impressive as this deserves at least 2-3 hours of your time so put aside a morning or an afternoon.

After that, go to Plaça Catalunya and Barcelona’s most famous street, La Rambla, where a gentle amble will take you past street artists, one of Europe’s best food markets – La Boqueria – and Gran Teatre del Liceu. Close to the theatre (Carrer d’en Quintana, 5) you’ll find one of Spain’s oldest restaurants, Can Culleretes. It dates back to 1786 and is a great spot for sampling some local delicacies.

LA Rambla de Barcelona

Next, head to the district of El Born where we recommend visiting the Picasso museum. Admission to the collection and Mythologies exhibition will cost 11 Euros. Alternatively step further back in time for your cultural fix at Mercat del Born .

In February 2002, while the former market was being transformed into a public library, medieval artefacts were unearthed in excellent condition. These artefacts tracked the urban development of the Barrio de la Ribera from the 14th century until it was destroyed in 1714 at the end of the War of the Spanish Succession, a fascinating slice of the region’s history.

El Born Barcelona

Day 2 – Gaudí Day

Begin your second day in Barcelona in Park Güell where a standard adult entry ticket will only set you back 8€ . Originally designed as a residential building, this dreamlike park was constructed for Gaudí´s wealthy patron Eusebi Güell at the start of the 20th century. Park Güell is now a public space and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visitors to the park will enjoy Gaudí’s signature style throughout the park as well as spectacular views of the city. Don’t miss the Gaudí House museum and the famous mosaic-covered lizard.


From Park Güell, make your way to one of Barcelona’s hippest restaurants, El Nacional . This restaurant on Passeig de Gràcia boasts four specialised bars and four dining areas serving typical dishes from across Spain and can seat nearly 800 diners. It began as a theatre café in 1870 and is housed in a beautifully renovated industrial modernist era factory building.

After lunch, we recommend you continue your Modernist trail up Passeig de Gràcia to Gaudí’s stunning Casa Batlló. It’s hard to believe that this was once a dull apartment block before Gaudí transformed it into one of Barcelona’s most impressive buildings complete with ornate balconies, attic space and eye-catching ceramic façade. Entry for adults costs 22€ and it’s worth every cent for those who appreciate Modernist architecture.

Your next and final stop on day 2’s Modernist route is Casa Milà, also known as La Pedrera. The construction of this UNESCO World Heritage Site took place from 1906 to 1912 and it features impressive patios, the Pedrera Apartment and an enchanting roof terrace. Tickets to this spectacular structure cost around 22€ for adults.

Day 3 – Montjuïc

Having explored the city’s Gothic features, marvelled at the Modernist buildings and sampled the local delicacies, we suggest heading to Montjuïc for your last day in Barcelona, beginning with a visit to Las Arenas shopping mall. Built in 1900 in the Neomudéjar style typical of 19th century Spain, it was bullfighting ring until 1977. Take in its distinctive red brick façade before heading inside for a spot of shopping or something to eat. More restaurants can be found on the roof terrace which also has amazing 360 degree views of Barcelona and Montjuïc.

Not far away lies Poble Espanyol (Spanish Village). Poble Espanyol, built in 1929, houses over 100 buildings displaying architecture from across Spain’s distinctive regions and is a wonderful example of an open-air architectural museum. As well as allowing visitors to admire Spain’s diverse architecture and influences, the village has a wonderful variety of eateries, cafes and beautiful craft shops to ensure you don’t leave hungry or empty handed! Tickets cost 12€ for adults.


Next make your way to Montjuïc Castle which sits 170m above sea level on the top of Montjuïc hill. Getting here is super easy. If you’ve over-indulged on patatas bravas you may want to walk up the winding paths and admire the city views as you climb, while those wishing to make a more serene entrance can take the cable car up the hillside. Montjuïc Castle is a military fortress dating back to 1640 and has played a key role in Catalan historical events and is brilliant for exploring and savoring the beautiful cityscape. Adult entry is 5€.

Finally, end your third day on a magical, musical high with the light and water show at La Font Màgica de Montjuïc. This enchanting event attracts over 2.5 million visitors every year and is free to view with no booking required. Simply turn up and get carried away! Designed by Carles Buïgas, the fountains give the impression of cascading water from the top of the hill at the Palau Nacional Building, down to Plaça Espanya at the bottom.

Barcelona in 3 days


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So, there you have it – an action-packed itinerary for 3 days in Barcelona. We hope you enjoy your stay!

What to do in Barcelona in one day

So, you´re stopping off in one of the best cities in the world and have a mere 24 hours to savor the sights, sounds and tastes of Catalonia´s capital. Fear not, we´ve compiled some suggestions for what to do in Barcelona in one day to ensure you don´t miss out on any of the best bits.

Barcelona´s public transport network is efficient and super easy to navigate. If you (and your travelling companion) and planning to take several journeys either by bus or metro throughout your brief stay, we recommend buying a T10 travel card from any metro station. A T10 for zone one comes in at just under 10 Euro and one ticket can be used by multiple people on both the metro and buses for 10 journeys around the city. However, if you´re planning to get around mainly on foot as per our recommended route, a single journey will only set you back €2.15 so this could be your best option.

Our ´What to do in Barcelona in one day´ route starts off at La Sagrada Família where you can marvel Antoni Gaudí’s most impressive piece of work. This spectacular building is easily accessible by metro or bus and is well worth a visit. If you are pressed for time, you could simply admire the cathedral from outside, but for those keen to enter, we strongly recommend buying tickets online in advance to avoid the lengthy queues http://www.sagradafamilia.org/en/tickets/.


After that, hop on the metro (L5) until the stop Diagonal. From here, head down one of the city’s most emblematic streets, Passeig de Gràcia, where you’ll find some of Barcelona’s best examples of modernist buildings. This grand street, akin to an open-air architectural museum, will take you past some of Gaudi´s best known works, including La Pedrera, La Casa Amatller or Casa Batlló until you reach Plaça Catalunya.

Passeig de Gràcia

Plaça Catalunya backs onto Barcelona´s most famous street, La Rambla, famed for its lively atmosphere, street performers, resident artists, cafes, bars and restaurants. A gentle stroll down La Rambla will take you past some of Barcelona´s most iconic buildings and structures, such as the beautiful market La Boqueria and el Gran Teatre del Liceu. La Boqueria is an explosion of colour and smells and is an absolute must for any foodies. Simply peruse the food stalls and soak up the atmosphere or pull up a chair at one of the bars and order yourself a coffee or some Cava and tapas.

Slightly further down La Rambla is the El Gran Teatre del Liceu (Barcelona´s opera house), which was founded in 1847. Once you reach El Teatre del Liceu, turn left down the street Carrer de la Palla until you reach the Cathedral square. Barcelona´s beautiful cathedral is as impressive from the inside as it is the outside so make sure you step in and admire its Gothic and Baroque features from up close! Next, make your way into the adjoining cloister. This secluded area is a peaceful haven away from the hustle and bustle of the Gothic quarter´s streets and is dedicated to the city´s co-patron saint, Saint Eulàlia of Barcelona who lost her life during the Roman era after refusing to dismiss Jesus as the son of God. In her honour, the cloister still keeps 13 white geese (Eulàlia´s age at the time of her death).

Gran Teatre del Liceu

Next up on our ´What to do in Barcelona in 1 day´ tour, we suggest you walk down Via Laietana until you reach the street Jaume I. Once on Jaume I, turn left to behold Plaça Sant Jaume and the old Roman walls that once encompassed the city formerly known as Barcino. From here, get back on Via Laietana until you reach the charming Carrer de l’Argentería, which will take you down to the beautiful church of Santa María del Mar (made famous throughout the world thanks to Ildefonso Falcones´ novel Cathedral of the Sea).

Santa Maria del Mar

After a busy morning, you´ll be in need of some lunchtime sustenance and when in Barcelona that can only mean one thing; Paella! Right by Santa Maria del Mal you´ll find Passeig del Born which is home to La Vinya del Senyor which serves up a mouthwateringly delicious paella. Here you´ll also find several delightful tapas spots.

After you´ve filled your boots, walk off the post-lunchtime slump in Barcelona´s old fishing quarter, La Barceloneta. Head to the street Palau de Mar and then make your way down Passeig de Joan Borbó until you reach the city beach of Sant Sebastià. You´ll also notice lots of restaurants along the way. Our particular favourite is La Mar Salada where they serve up on of the best paellas in Barcelona.

La Barceloneta


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So there you have it – an action-packed itinerary for what to do in Barcelona in 1 day. We hope you enjoy your short stay! And, if you are looking for accommodation, remember that here at Bizflats we have apartments which are guaranteed to make your time in Barcelona unforgettable.