Your Trip to Barcelona Begins Right Here

Our clients tell us that planning their trip to Barcelona - for business or pleasure – is both engaging and challenging. You look forward to taking this trip, and at the same time want to make sure you get all the details right. There comes a time when you must answer a short but very important question. You know it is important because it can lead to the ultimate success of your travel and create memories that will live long after you have returned home. Of course, that question is...

Where do I stay in Barcelona?

Well, we now have the answer. What if you could have your own apartment in Barcelona for a few days, weeks or months? Can you imagine what it would be like to feel like at home even though you are away? To enjoy the city by being a part of it, living the life, meeting the people, and to be able to do it all while enjoying the independence and comfort of home, without its inconveniences.

What our clients seek first and foremost, the freedom that having plenty of space brings. Spacious lofts in Barcelona and villas in Sitges, just minutes from the beach, where you might celebrate a romantic dinner, meet up with your friends, do a sales pitch or even your highest level corporate event. If you are planning to attend a trade show like the Mobile World Congress, we have some special things in store for you as well.

We offer you quality of life charming places, conveniently located to suit your needs, houses to remember for their active role in your stay, because you have stayed there, enjoyed them and you'll have fallen in love with a lot of them, you'll feel like you have to return. From lovely studios, to penthouses that will send you straight back to your most romantic days, to breathtaking villas whose luxury will exceed all your expectations.

We invite you to live in one the world's most cosmopolitan cities, on the vanguard of business, design and quality of life while retaining its exceptional historical baggage, full of little corners waiting to be discovered.

Can you remember the simple question we started out with? Now we can finally give the answer...

Whenever you come to Barcelona you must stay with bizFlats!

Start your trip to Barcelona right here - let's talk about renting an apartment in Barcelona, we'll be glad to help you plan your visit and be your guide to this unique corner of the world.