Meet the people who will make you feel at home in Barcelona.

We want you to feel as much at home in Barcelona as we do – and believe us when we say Barcelona is our home. We’re Barcelona lovers first and foremost, and we’ve learned everything there is to know about this city from the best places to bicycle to the fastest route to your business offices in the center. Give us a challenge – we’re always ready to help.

Jaume Barberena i Francesca

Jaume Barberena photoJaume is an entrepreneur who has experienced everything business hotels have to offer and found it sadly wanting. He created bizFlats to give visitors to Barcelona the option he rarely encountered on his own travels, to find a home away from home that made him feel like a guest of the city instead of an outsider stuck in a hotel room. His extensive business travel makes him an expert on fulfilling every possible need, so don’t hesitate to ask, and he’s still an enthusiastic traveler, so be sure to ask him for recommendations about your next destination. He loves good food and a great sports match, and he speaks Catalan, English, Spanish, and a bit of Russian.

Mercedes Delgado

Mercedes Delgado photoMercedes is the creative brains behind bizFlats, contributing her fine eye for image, design, photography, decoration, and all the rest of the beautiful parts of our business. If you love the way something looks, it’s probably Mercedes’ doing. She is also an expert project manager and image consultant, and you can rely on her to help organize events for corporate clients and help smooth out any kinks you encounter along the way. She is a graduate of the ESPRI in Protocol and Institutional Relations, and she loves music and fashion. She speaks Spanish, English, French and a little Italian.