Digital nomads alert: where to network in Barcelona?

Where to network in Barcelona? Easy: digital nomads in Barcelona will be thrilled to hear that their current location is a thriving hub for digital nomads all over the world. A mixing pot for expats, start-ups, solo entrepreneurs and nomads from all corners of the globe, digital nomads in Barcelona can expect to find one here of the most diverse networks in business.

Yet, we also understand that this huge network can be overwhelming, especially in a city where there is always something going on. This article covers the best online and offline networking groups, events and places, giving digital nomads in Barcelona a great place to start.

If you’re a digital nomad planning to stay in Barcelona, or you’ve just arrived, check out our latest guide to being a digital nomad and the places where to network in Barcelona here.

Digital nomads from around the globe can feel reassured that Barcelona is English-speaking friendly, making networking that little bit easier. All the events, groups and spaces below work with English as their main language.

Where to network in Barcelona

Where to network in Barcelona? Online networking and Offline networking

Digital nomads in Barcelona: online networking

If you’re a digital nomad, the chances are you’re already very familiar with online networking.  In the last few years, networking groups on social media have boomed, bringing people from all fields of business together to collaborate, innovate and negotiate.

We’ve put together a few of our favourite and most fruitful online groups for digital nomads in Barcelona so you to get a head start on networking from wherever you’re currently based. Let’s discover where to network in Barcelona:

  • Barccino is a unique English-language collaborative platform for the start-up, tech and innovation communities in Barcelona. Discover information on events, latest news and like-minded entrepreneurial nomads.
  • Barcelona Entrepreneurs & Digital Nomads boasts an online community of over 2,000 digital nomads in Barcelona all looking to collaborate and network.
  • The Barcelona Digital Nomads group organises co-working days, shares information specific to Barcelona, and focuses on digital networking events and job opportunities.
  • The Community of Digital Nomads in Barcelona, or CODINO, is a group of fantastic location-independent workers based in Barcelona. Whether you’re looking to network, for a new business partner, or for help with living in Barcelona in general, this is the place to be.
  • Girl Gone International Barcelona is a group specifically for the community of women living and working in Barcelona, offering networking and support.

Digital nomads in Barcelona: offline networking

Whilst the online community is thriving more than ever, we also know there’s nothing like meeting other like-minded innovators in person, networking over coffee or drinks, and all whilst getting to know some of Barcelona’s coolest locations.

Meetup is a great platform for finding in-person events and groups that bring together inspiring people to exchange ideas and open up new opportunities. Below are two of our favourite groups in Barcelona.

Barcelona Freelancers Meetup is a supportive community where digital nomads in Barcelona can meet both during and outside of working hours to work together, to network, and simply to chat.

Digital People in Barcelona is a community of over 2,000 location-independent workers. It offers an exciting array of monthly workshops both online and offline, ranging from talks on boosting productivity, reaching goals and entrepreneurship, and co-working events aimed at bridging the gap between digital nomads in Barcelona.

What’s more, if you’re a digital nomad who has just arrived in Barcelona, don’t miss this year’s edition of BizBarcelona. This yearly conference supports local businesses, promotes entrepreneurship, and helps the self-employed find new opportunities.

This year it will be held on-site at the Recinte de Montjüic and online from 21–23 September 2020, with a focus on providing solutions and helping businesses and freelancers adapt to the ongoing pandemic. Find all the information here.

Digital nomads in Barcelona: the best co-working spaces for networking

Another great place for digital nomads in Barcelona to meet other entrepreneurs are Barcelona’s many co-working spaces. Bringing together local and location-independent creators, innovators and designers in unique and inspiring spaces, below are a few of our favourites. ***Due to Covid-19, we recommend you that you check each Co-working space to see if they are open and all the usual activities are running.

Betahaus is a living and evolving ecosystem with its headquarters in the quaint neighbourhood of Gràcia. Digital nomads in Barcelona choose it thanks to its talks, workshops and exhibitions aimed at the location-independent community and presentations where businesses and freelancers get the time and space to shine.

With three co-working spaces across the city, MOB (Makers of Barcelona) offers a unique professional community of creatives where digital nomads can build long-lasting business relationships. From exhibitions, workshops and many social events, meeting other innovators has never been so easy (or fun!).

We hope that this list of online and offline networking events will help you discovering how and where to network in Barcelona and get that one bit closer to your next big opportunity. Happy networking!

The Best Guide for Digital Nomads in Barcelona

Looking for a guide for digital nomads in Barcelona? Digital nomads from around the world flock to Barcelona, with the Catalan capital being at the top of the list for many remote workers. With its all-year-round mild Mediterranean climate, sandy shores and welcoming European and international vibe, you’ll be stuck for reasons not to come.

But apart from this, why else do digital nomads choose Barcelona as a pit stop on their adventures?

For digital nomads, Barcelona is very well-connected with other top remote working locations. Getting from Europe to Asia has never been easier thanks to El Prat airport, with hundreds of flights every day. Barcelona’s location in central Europe also facilitates remote work thanks to being in same time zone as colleagues in Europe.

What’s more, Barcelona is a huge economic hub and holds a range of conferences and networking events every year. From hosting the huge Mobile World Congress to smaller events for start-ups, getting to know people in your field and expanding your horizons to other areas has never been easier.

If that’s not enough for digital nomads, Barcelona’s cultural scene boasts something for everyone. From theatres, live gigs by international artists, some of the world’s most stunning modernist architecture and museums galore, what better city to be in when the working day ends.

Digital nomads in barcelona

Digital nomads in Barcelona: the best short-term and monthly rentals

Digital nomads can count on Bizflats when it comes to finding a short- or long-term rentals in Barcelona. Given Barcelona’s popularity, demand for accommodation in the city has rocketed in the past five years. This means that digital nomads often arrive feeling overwhelmed and unsure where to turn.

For digital nomads, we know that a flexible rentals is top on your list of priority.  Browse our long-term and short-term apartments here before you arrive. We boast a wide range of executive, comfortable and contemporary apartments equipped with everything digital nomads need. From Wi-Fi and desks where you can work in the utmost comfort to sunny terraces and sun-filled living rooms, working from home away from home has never been so easy.

Digital nomads know that finding a monthly rental apartment in a new city can be a daunting prospect. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of five must-haves for you to bear in mind when finding your perfect pad for the next few months.

What’s more, as a digital nomad, we know how important your time is – so, all our apartments ensure no fuss and we take care of all the time-consuming paperwork.

Digital nomads in barcelona - Apartments in Barcelona

Still deciding? Check out our recommendations on the best locations to stay here. As your stay in Barcelona is temporary, location is key to ensuring you get to see the most of the city. Because working from home can often be quite solitary, these central locations and upcoming business areas offer co-working spaces, spacious coffee shops and quiet libraries.

Last but not least, your safety and that of our staff is our number one priority. The Covid-19 measures we have adopted in all our apartments mean our apartments are the safest option for digital nomads.

What is the cost of living for digital nomads in Barcelona?

The cost of living for digital nomads in Barcelona can vary greatly depending on your own tastes and interests.

Because we know what’s important to you, our article on the cost of living in Barcelona covers the most important areas so you can prepare for your stay in Barcelona.

As a digital nomad, you’ll need to know the costs of getting around the city to conferences, networking events and meetings, and eating out for both work and leisure. What’s more, we’ve covered the costs of entertainment, nightlife and culture for your much deserved time off.


Digital nomads: getting taxis in Barcelona

As a digital nomad, getting from A to B quickly and in comfort is your aim. Luckily for you, Barcelona’s ample taxi network means that this is possible.

Getting a taxi in a new city can often be daunting. Check out our step-by-step guide on getting a taxi in Barcelona here for information on prices, tipping, Covid-19 measures and airport transfers.


Digital nomads: things to see & do in Barcelona

If your stay in Barcelona is temporary, exploring this bustling, beautiful city before you move on to your next remote work destination is a must.

Digital nomads can make sure they don’t miss out on any of Barcelona’s wonders with our recommendations on the best the city has to offer.

Explore the trendy neighbourhood of El Born whilst travelling back in time and stumbling across hidden gems. Uncover the stunning architecture of the Eixample district, including la Sagrada Familia and other Gaudí’s masterpieces. Check out our list of the top 10 places to visit in Barcelona, including the stunning Las Ramblas, the colourful Boqueria market and the views offered by Montjuic.

Digital nomads can also make the most of Barcelona’s fantastic location for day trips to surrounding areas. Discover villages bursting with character such as Sitges, picturesque scenery and sprawling beaches in Cadaqués or a dose of history and art in Dalí’s Figueres.

things to do in barcelona, spain

Learning basic Catalan for digital nomads

For digital nomads who are interested in staying in the city for longer, or for those who simply want to make a great impression with locals and fit in when ordering coffee, getting a taxi or making business contacts, learning Catalan is a must.

Here we’ve compiled a list of the most essential Catalan phrases to make your stay as productive as possible.

We hope this brief guide to being a digital nomad in Barcelona will make your stay with us unforgettable. Don’t forget that our team is on hand to help you every step along the way. Remote working has never been easier!

If you need more help finding your place to stay in Barcelona, write us to or call us +34 936 394 343 We will be happy to help you 😉