Who Said Hot? Our terraced properties … a sunshining reggae

bizFlats’ Meu Lindo Beach apartment

You might not have yet had time to adjust to the summer wardrobe and suddenly you discover that your sunscreen has expired, summer is here – you have to begin to take off your clothes and you’re pale as a ghost!!!!

Ok, calm down and relax for a while, because we have the cure to all these evils. The apartments with terrace that bizFlats offers, are the solution – you can now indulge in those first tanning sessions in total privacy and you can then go to the beach without being confused with the sand. And if you do not have time to go to the beach, or you cannot put up with sand, salt, children running around your towels and the guy beside you placing his parasol in front of your face, then … nothing is better than having your own terrace where you decide when and how and where you are in … 30 nanoseconds.

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