Enjoy the City at a Leisurely Pace on One of the Barcelona Walking Tours

There’s no better way to explore Barcelona than on the streets with its people. On one of the many Barcelona walking tours, you’ll experience the city’s culture in a new light as a local explains all the quirky facets of Catalonians and their largest city. Walking through the old Roman city, exploring its gothic architecture, and tasting its diverse culinary persuasions are all done with the help of a professional, as opposed to a guide book, on Barcelona walking tours. Whether you’re a history buff or a foodie, you will undoubtedly find that one of them piques your interest.

This tour will enlighten your understanding of the dynamic city of Barcelona, and the events and tensions that led to the country’s civil war. Learn about the city’s utopic urban planning and how industrialisation led to the beginning rumblings of unease as the working class’ living conditions plummetted. Walking the streets of El Raval, you’ll see the grounds where the first worker’s movements were held, as well as many sites of the 1909 Tragic Week of Barcelona.

The Gaudi Tour

Antoni Gaudí is not only a famous Spanish architect, but he is often reputed as being the man who single-handedly made Barcelona the unique city it is today with his inspired designs, and lofty projects. This tour is the perfect introduction to the city of Barcelona, taking you to witness many of the its historical and beautiful sites that Gaudí designed. You will see everything from private homes that he built, to monuments, and finally Gaudí’s famous unfinished masterpiece, Sagrada Familia basilica.

Taste Barcelona

When traveling to Barcelona you should expect to eat delicious food, and often. Explore Catalonian culture through the region’s best gastronomy and wines. This culinary tour will take you to the best spots to enjoy authentic Spanish taps and the best Spanish wines. Explanations from your experienced guide will add to your understanding and experience of all the wonderful things you’re tasting, as well as their historical significance.

Literary Tour of Barcelona 

Visit the sites of two novels that have captivated readers for many years. These literary trails will take you out exploring the Barcelona of both The Shadow of the Wind and The Cathedral of the Sea. You will feel just like the characters in the novels as the books are read aloud in their plot setting, while you’re visiting some of the city’s most memorable spots like Placa Reial, Carrer del Call, and Santa Maria del Mar.

Whatever your interests are in exploring this beautiful city, don’t miss the chance to indulge in one of these Barcelona walking tours. There are even free tours through various companies around the city. If you’re traveling with children there are great Barcelona walking tours that will be of interest to your little ones as well. While planning your trip be sure to look into one of these luxurious Barcelona short term rentals that will similarly add to your experience of this beautiful city.

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