How to Choose an Apartment with Terrace for your Holidays in Barcelona

Time has come! You are planning your holidays and you have already chose Barcelona as your summer destination. Now, you need to find a perfect apartment with terrace to enjoy the great weather.

  • I will give you some tips and facts you should consider before renting an apartment with terrace in Barcelona:First of all, you must know exactly why you prefer an apartment with terrace. Are you planning to lay back naked under the sun of Barcelona? Well, then make sure you don’t rent an apartment located in “planta principal” (main floor) or “entresuelo” (mezzanine), unless you love having spectators from the upper terraces. Not comfortable with this idea? You value your privacy? Then you need a penthouse. The ático apartments usually have the must sunny, spacious and private terraces in Barcelona. Take a look to our Ferran Batik to have a glance of what a perfect sunset might be.
apartment with terrace in barcelona
  • If you are dreaming with a relaxing holiday, you would enjoy an apartment with a terrace overlooking a peaceful street.  Make sure the bedrooms are not facing the street, to avoid traffic and other street noise during night. Try our Neo Apartment, a charming flat with sunny terrace where you can just sit back and have a great chat over a bottle of cava.
Apartment overlooking street Barcelona
  • Coming with kids? You better rent an apartment with a big terrace where they can play while you charge batteries.  Our Garden House is the perfect apartment for families. Your kids will have their own playground in Barcelona.
terrace Apartment barcelona
  • If you are a social traveler who loves being surrounded by people, then you don’t really need an apartment with terrace as you will pay for a space you will not really use – believe me! Generally speaking, apartments with a private terrace costs a lot more.  So, you’ll probably save money by opting to rent an apartment, not at the beach, but near the beach.  Parsifal apartment is  literally steps from La Rambla, next to the Liceu Metro stop and 20 minutes walking to Barceloneta Beach. 
balcony apartment in la rambla

You are done. Now is time to make easier choices…bikinis, hats and sun block!

Good luck, and see you soon in Barcelona!

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  • December 29, 2021 at 05:27

    Hi there! My son has been planning to move into an apartment downtown sometime next year. I found it intriguing when you mentioned that we should consider a quiet terrace if we want to be at peace. I’ll forward this article to him so he’ll make the right choice later.

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