Michelin starred restaurants in Barcelona: restaurants with one star

The Michelin starred restaurants in Barcelona with one star range from superb local cuisine to the avant-garde. There is exquisite dining no matter where you are or what your taste. Here are the Michelin starred restaurants in Barcelona with one star to whet your appetite.


Michelin starred restaurants in Barcelona with one star:


Alkimia caters both for diners looking for modern gastronomy without the exclusivity, and those after the haute Catalan cuisine that the name is known for such as green beans and a salt cod brandade with wasabi. Famously a ‘chef’s chef’, Jordi Vilà’s receives visitors from visiting chefs and dedicated foodies, however it’s only open during the week.

Alkimia michelin starred restaurant in barcelona


Angle’s dining area sweeps up 3 stories to the skylight, offering the best views of any Michelin starred restaurants in Barcelona. Their red chairs are perfectly offset against the white linen tablecloths and their menu features some elements of the near (cured egg yolk with Iberian meats) and the far (Thai style roast market fish with small Norway lobster and young leek).

Angle restaurant with one micheling star barcelona


Featuring an elegant black and gold dining room, Caelis boasts an extensive wine selection and will help you pair them with innovative dishes such as Black squid ravioli with emulsion of coconut milk and citrus.

Caelis Barcelona restaurant with one michelin star


If you find Spanish cuisine to be a bit too centred around meat and fish, you can still enjoy Michelin-starred restaurants in Barcelona. Without being strictly vegetarian nor vegan, Céleri places organic, seasonal vegetables at center stage, using organic meat or seafood as an embellishment. The dishes are named simply; spinach, green beans and potatoes.

Celeri Restaurant barcelona

Cinc Sentits

Cinc Sentits means ‘5 senses’ and this Michelin-starred restaurant in Barcelona aims to stimulate all five senses, visually with their stunning, gold-fringed dining room and gastronomically with their distinctive version of classics such as surf and turf (crispy pork cheeks, saffron aioli and grilled squid) and paella with scorpion fish.

Cinc sentits barcelona michelin starred restaurant



For one of the most innovative Michelin-starred restaurants in Barcelona, head to the modernist district of Eixample, where you can find Disfrutar. The name means ‘enjoy’ and the first delight is the building itself; an impressive space that captures the spirit of the Mediterranean with clay, ceramics and wrought iron. El Bulli’s former chefs continue the techno-emotional cooking with mind-bending innovations such as macaroni à la carbonara with ham jelly.

Disfrutar Barcelona restaurant one michelin star

Dos Palillos

Another example of Michelin starred restaurants in Barcelona run by El Bulli alumni; Dos Palillos in Raval. The restaurant reflects the neighborhood’s mix of inner city urban edge and trendy modernism. The El Bulli ethos continues with an emphasis on the raw material and a delicate balance between simplicity and complexity. Its selection includes recognizable dishes such as spring rolls and dumplings, as well as the more daring anglerfish liver marinated in sake, steamed and served with ponzu sauce.

dos-palillos restaurant in barcelona


The décor at Hisop is minimalist blonde wood and white linen, letting the dishes take center stage. Their selection centres around meat (pork cheek with chanterelles and green curry) and seafood (red mullet with molluscs mayonnaise), presented in innovative ways. This is Michelin-starred Catalan cuisine at its finest.

Hisop restaurant barcelona


Such is Hofmann‘s dedication to fine dining and hospitality that it has its own school, setting the standard for Michelin-starred restaurants in Barcelona. The Hofmann brand also includes bakeries and bistros. The Hofmann restaurant is where it all comes together, be wowed by their strawberry soup with avocado tartare, anchovies and spicy ice cream.

Restaurant Hofmann

Hoja Santa

For something spicier, Hoja Santa serves Mexican cuisine of the highest standard, the only Michelin-starred restaurant in Barcelona serving Mexican cuisine. The dishes are traditional; mole, tacos, prawns and pork ribs, arranged on the plate like miniature abstract sculptures.

Hoja Santa Restaurant barcelona


For more distinctive Michelin-starred restaurants in Barcelona; a hummingbird and a hibiscus are Nectari‘s motif, and their inspired versions of traditional dishes such as butifarra (Catalan sausage) are adorned with flowers. Dining in Michelin-starred restaurants in Barcelona needn’t cost a fortune: their lunch special is just 35€ per person (plus tax).

REstaurant Nectari Barcelona michelin star


One of the most exotic Michelin-starred restaurants in Barcelona is Pakta in Poble Sec. Ferran’s brother Albert Adrià mixes Peruvian and Japanese cuisine. The space is like a Japanese tavern (izakaya) embellished with colorful Peruvian rugs, and the menu features ceviche and sushi amongst other emblematic dishes of Nikkei (Japanese Peruvian) cuisine.

Restaurant pakta barcelona

Restaurant Gaig

Restaurant Gaig’s minimalist wooden dining room epitomizes Michelin-starred restaurants in Barcelona, it’s both creative and classic. Don’t miss its signature cannelloni with truffle cream and charcoal grilled foie-gras on brioche.

Restaurant Gaig Barcelona

Roca Moo

Roca Moo has a unique feel; bare trees line the walls, much like you are sitting on a terrace on a very classy Barcelona street. It aims to break down the barriers between chef and diner by putting the finishing touches on their spectacular dishes (suckling lamb with Idiazábal mozzarella) right at the table.

Roca Moo restaurant


Probably the most famous Michelin-starred restaurant in Barcelona. El Bulli’s spirit lives on in Tickets, Sant Antoni. Tickets serves its own version of tapas from all over Spain, offering the choice of dishes to eat with your fingers (air waffle with basil, scamorza cheese and pine nuts), a spoon (saffron sponge with red mullet broth) or to share (crunchy octopus with kimchi mayonnaise and pickled cucumber). Such is its popularity however, bookings need to be made months in advance.

Tickets restaurant barcelona

Via Veneto

Michelin-starred restaurants in Barcelona don’t have to mean minimalism; Via Veneto‘s opulent décor speaks of its 50 years of expertise; it recently celebrated it’s 50th birthday and offers a tasting menu that is a culinary journey through their history, from 1960 (lobster with cardinal sauce) to 2017 (grilled asparagus with parmesan chantilly and Tahitian vanilla).

Via Veneto restaurant barcelona


Xerta brings you the flavors of the Delta d’Ebre, the only Michelin-starred restaurant in Barcelona to do so. Relax in their zen-like cream and grey dining room and treat yourself to slow-cooked Delta eel with aubergine, miso and black garlic.


These are a unique mix, that reflects the cosmopolitan diversity of the city itself. Enjoy the fine dining that the city has to offer!

Have you ever been in any of these exquisite Michelin-starred restaurants in Barcelona?


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