Moco Museum: The New Museum of Modern Art in Barcelona

Moco Museum is the name of the new kid on the block. Barcelona’s newest museum is here and open to all, welcoming citizens of the city and tourists alike with artists including Basquiat, Banksy, Warhol and Dalí. Let’s delve into this new cultural space in the city.

zWith its headquarters in Amsterdam, the museum’s success in the Netherlands was the catalyst for the opening of a second location in the heart of Barcelona. Moco takes its name from the modern, “Mo”, and contemporary, “Co”, art it houses.

With a focus on established and emerging artists from around the globe, and with its pulse on the latest art trends, this new museum in the cultural hub that is Barcelona reaffirms Moco’s commitment to modern art.

Are you ready to learn more about Moco Museum?

Located at 25, Carrer de Montcada, Moco spans 800 metres squared of exhibition space over its ground floor and first floor. Nestled alongside the Picasso Museum, this museum takes up residence in a recently renovated palace and former home of the noble Cervelló family, who lived in the building until the 17th century. After which, it was aristocrats and royalty that called this medieval palace home.

The motto of its Dutch founders, Lionel & Kim Logchies, is ‘In Art We Trust’. The drive behind Moco is a passion for modern and contemporary art, and bringing it to the people. Moco is here to open our minds, empower us as citizens, make us question the norm and, above all, experience innovative art.

In 2016, the two founded a museum of the same name in the Dutch capital in Villa Alsberg – a historical building reserved for the elite. Since opening the building to the public, Moco Amsterdam has seen more than 2 million visitors from over 120 countries.

What can I see there?

The first thing visitors will see as they step into the world of Moco Museum Barcelona is a mosaic made from Rubik’s Cubes. Upon closer examination, it’s possible to see that these colourful squares form the shapes of three Bond girls, in a piece by Paris-born street artist Invader.

Moco’s permanent collection of 41 incredible pieces includes 20% of pieces taken directly from the Logchies private collection, with other pieces on loan from their prestigious network of collectors and artists from around the world.

Among wooden beams, high ceilings and Gothic arches are the Moco Masters Modern: expect to find colourful, shocking and ground-breaking pieces by Yayoi Kusama, Andy Warhol, Salvador Dalí, Jean-Michel Basquiat, KAWS, Keith Haring, and more.

Here, don’t miss Damien Hirst’s famous The Immaculate Heart – Sacred, a daring piece which once belonged to George Michael.

Next, head to the second floor to find the Moco Masters Contemporary, formed by creators who are here to challenge the norm. This unmissable stop includes pieces by up-and-coming artists Harland Miller, David LaChapelle, Julian Opie, Hayden Kays, Takashi Murakami, among others.

Moco Museum Barcelona
Moco Museum

Anything else?

Yes! Don’t miss the digital immersive art exhibitions by the Japanese collective that is teamLab, alongside Studio Irma and Les Fantômes. Dive in to this treat for the senses and let yourself be hypnotised by kaleidoscopic shapes and a myriad of colours.

On the top of everyone’s list is Banksy’s Laugh Now exhibition, accredited by Pest Control (the only official body to certify the famous street artist’s work). Including famous pieces such as Girl with Balloon, Barcode, Love is in the Air (Flower Thrower), Kids on Guns, and Rude Copper.

When it comes to the Moco temporary collections, the couple has many an idea up their sleeves. The first of which, currently open to the public, is Esplendor de la Noche (Night Splendour) by Guillermo Lorca.

Across two rooms, the unsettling work of this contemporary Chilean artist will be on display in his first monograph exhibition in Europe. Delve into this surreal, fairytale-like world in which the artist employs a mix of the beautiful and brutal in his large oil paintings.

Additionally, Moco will welcome Europe’s first NFT (non-fungible tokens) exhibition. These crypto-assets are the latest revolution on the digital art scene. They are unique and, although others can view them, only the buyer retains ownership of these non-replaceable pieces.

When can I visit?

Moco opened its doors Saturday 16th October. We recommend reserving tickets online for this much-awaited space, open Monday–Thursday from 9am to 7pm and Friday-Sunday 9am to 8pm. 

Admission to this privately owned, inclusive gallery for the general public is €16.50 for adults and €11.50 for students and is free for children under the age of 13.

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