The 8 most traditional bars in Barcelona

Let’s visit the most traditional bars in Barcelona!

If you’re looking to really get to know Barcelona during your stay, where better place to do so than in its oldest and most typical bars. Before becoming the cosmopolitan melting pot it is today, Barcelona was littered with simple bars serving home-cooked food and local spirits.

Many of these spots still stand to this day, and despite their often dark-looking interior, you’ll soon discover they are warm and welcoming.  From classic bodegas to traditional watering holes, we’ve hand picked selection of the best traditional bars in Barcelona that have withstood the test of time. 

Bodega Pàdua 

To the north of the city, this bar has been standing since 1949 and is well known among locals. If you don’t mind taking a detour, this typical bodega promises the best Catalan dishes at a very affordable price.  Pull up a wooden chair, take in the strange and wonderful decoration and order a glass of homemade vermouth.

Traditional bars in barcelona - Bodega Padua
Traditional Bars in Barcelona – Bodega Pàdua

Quimet & Quimet

Just a short walk from Plaça Espanya, this family-run bar exudes tradition. With space for less than 30 patrons, make sure you get there early to grab a spot at the bar. With a huge selection of wine, conservas (conserved tinned food) and montaditos (small sandwiches), you’ll be spoilt for choice.

traditional bars in barcelona - Quimet quimet
Traditional Bars in Barcelona – Quimet Quimet

Els 4 Gats

Perhaps the most famous of Barcelona’s traditional bars, Els 4 Gats (The Four Cats) was frequented by Hemingway, Dalí and Picasso (who even designed the menu). The first building by architect Josep Puig i Cadafalch (who also designed Casa Amatller and Casa de les Punxes), it is said to take inspiration from Paris’ le Chat Noir. Enjoy the daily set menu or drop in for a coffee or a beer. You won’t be disappointed. 

Els 4 gats - restaurants in barcelona
Traditional Bars in Barcelona – Els 4 Gats

Bodega La Puntual 

Located in the heart of El Born, this spacious bodega finds the perfect balance between traditional Catalan tapas and that contemporary touch. Despite being a little on the expensive side, the quality of its dishes makes up for it. You’re sure to love the patatas bravas and the octopus!

Traditional bars in Barcelona - Els 4 Gats
Traditional Bars in Barcelona – Bodega La Puntual

El Xampanyet

Right next door to La Puntual is most possibly Born’s most famous bar: El Xampanyet. Known for its sparkling wine and tapas and given its proximity to the Picasso museum, it’s often packed with tourists and locals alike. Grab a stool at the bar to order a drink and few tapas, or join the queue for a table to order from the menu. 

Traditional Bars in Barcelona - El Xampanyet
Traditional Bars in Barcelona – El Xampanyet

La Bodega d’en Rafel

Tucked away in the charming neighbourhood of Sant Antoni, not far from the Sant Antoni market, you’ll find this simple, life-long bodega. Here you’re sure to get great service and great food, including fried anchovies, padrón peppers and snails. If you’re looking for a buzzing, local atmosphere, drop by during the weekend at lunchtime – just don’t expect to get a seat!

Traditional bars in barcelona - La bodega d'en Rafel
Traditional Bars in Barcelona – La Bodega d’en Rafel

Bodega Electricitat 

Right by La Barceloneta Market, this no-frills bar stands out thanks to its curious name and huge red sign. Called the “electricity” bar as it is located in the building that used to supply electricity to the neighbourhood, its marble tables and barrels of wine really make this a unique place to refuel.

Bodegas in Barcelona - Bodega Electricitat
Traditional Bars in Barcelona – Bodega Electricitat

Bodega Lo Pinyol

Found in Gràcia, not too far from Passeig de Gràcia, Lo Pinyol is a curious bodega with three different spaces. With a selection of local wines and pinchos, and even shelves stacked with books to exchange, this bodega’s tranquil atmosphere and low lighting make it perfect for romantic evenings or catching up with friends.

Bodgas in Barcelona - Bodega Lo Pinyol
Traditional Bars in Barcelona – Bodega Lo Pinyol

If the walls of these bars could talk, they would be sure to tell many a story from over the hundreds of years their doors have been open.  Take in their history as you enjoy local atmosphere, fantastic tapas and a selection of traditional drinks. 

Top 7 Tips to Celebrating the Festa Major de Gràcia

Every one talks about the Festa Major de Gràcia. When you think of August in Barcelona, what comes to mind is sunbathing on sandy beaches, splashing around in the sea, taking a stroll down La Rambla with an ice-cream, and enjoying an ice-cold beer in one of the city’s shaded squares. 

It’s the quintessential Barcelona experience for which everyone comes. And yet, venture north of the city centre, and you might just stumble across something unique.

From 15–21 August, the neighbourhood of Gràcia celebrates its Festa Major. This week-long festival sees the streets of Gràcia come alive with decorations in every colour imaginable and events for all the family.

With concerts, workshops, cultural activities, food and drink stalls, here you’ll find locals and tourists alike celebrating this unmissable event of Catalan culture. Here are our top seven tips to ensure you are part of the festivities!

1. Marvel at the street decorations

If there’s one thing that sets this festival apart from other local festivals in Barcelona, it’s the unique street decorations.

Each street decides on a theme — ranging from historical periods, popular books and films to regions of the world — and competes for the annual prize. What’s more, all decorations are recycled from used materials: strips of plastic bags, cut-up plastic bottles, painted egg boxes and juice cartons, the result is a unique and sustainable work of art!

Festa Major de Gràcia
Festa Major de Gràcia

2. Catch a local concert

Every evening during the festival various streets host live concerts. From local groups, cover bands, karaoke and folk, there’s something for everyone to dance the night away into the early hours of the morning.

Festa Major de Gràcia - Concerts in Barcelona

3. Stroll the streets during the day

Some might think the magic takes place only at night, but take a stroll around Gràcia during the day and you will discover the delights without the crowds. 

With the locals all recovering from the night before, it’s a perfect opportunity to get lost in this picturesque neighbourhood and snap some stunning photographs of the decorations.

Gràcia neighbourhood

4. Visit a war bunker

If you’d like to learn a bit more about the history of the neighbourhood, during the week of the festival you can take a guided visit to one of Gràcia’s 90 air-raid shelters, for only 3 euros per person.

Located in Plaça del Diamant, this shelter is one of the biggest of the city and harboured more than 200 people during the many air raids Barcelona was subject to during the Spanish Civil War.

War bunkers in barcelona

5. Try drinks and food

Gràcia is the ideal place for browsing the local markets and trying homemade delicacies during the day or sipping mojitos at night.

Or if you fancy meeting some locals, why not grab a ticket for a street barbecue (botifarrada)? Here theyserve traditional Catalan sausage and other local dishes. Just fill your plate, pull up a chair, and practice your Catalan!

butifarrada in Festa Major de Gràcia

6. Immerse yourself in Catalan culture

In the heart of Gràcia is the square Plaça de la Vila where locals come together to do castellers and correfocs.

Perhaps not for the faint-hearted, let yourself be amazed by the human towers (castells) and the fire dances with fireworks and dragons (correfocs).

Castells festa major de gràcia

7. Watch and dance!

Just like other regions, Catalonia is no exception when it comes to a traditional dance.

La Sardana is a humble dance performed hand in hand in a circle in representation of Catalan union. But that’s not all; the streets will be buzzing with batucada, swing, and much more!

Sardanes in Barcelona

If you’re looking for something different this summer in Barcelona where you can discover the city’s more traditional side, head to the Festa Major de Gràcia. Just like us, you’re sure to fall in love with this neighbourhood and its marvellous festivities.

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7 free plans in Barcelona that you will love

Here’s how to take advantage of free plans in Barcelona, the vibrant capital of Catalonia which offers a myriad of attractions and activities for visitors to explore. While some experiences may come with a price tag, there are plenty of free activities that allow you to soak in the city’s rich culture and captivating atmosphere without spending too much. In this article, we will highlight seven fantastic free plans that you can enjoy while visiting Barcelona, making the most of your time and budget.

free plans in barcelona - what to do in barcelona
Free Plans in Barcelona

Free plans in Barcelona

  1. The first of the seven free plans in Barcelona is admiring the city from above. Barcelona boasts several remarkable free viewpoints that showcase the city’s beauty. Mirador de Horta, nestled in the Horta-Guinardó district, offers a serene atmosphere and panoramic views of Barcelona and its coastline. Mirador de Sarrià, located in the Sarrià neighborhood, provides picturesque vistas of the city’s skyline and the Mediterranean Sea. Lastly, perched atop Montjuïc Hill, Montjuïc Castle offers visitors a captivating view of Barcelona’s cityscape and harbor, along with a glimpse into its rich history.
  2. Explore Park Güell: Designed by the renowned architect Antoni Gaudí, Park Güell is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that offers a stunning blend of nature and art. While the central monument area requires an admission fee, you can still explore a large portion of the park for free. Wander through the beautiful gardens, marvel at the whimsical Gaudí structures, and enjoy panoramic views of Barcelona from various points. It’s a great place to relax, have a picnic, and appreciate Gaudí’s extraordinary vision. You might also like this article.
  3. Another of the great free plans in Barcelona is to visit its exceptional libraries with free admission, which are a paradise for book lovers and seekers of knowledge. One of these is the Biblioteca de Catalunya, which houses a vast collection of books, manuscripts and historical documents that showcase the region’s rich literary heritage. Another notable library is the Santa Anna Library, known for its impressive architecture and serene reading rooms. The Arús Public Library is famous for its extensive collection of books, periodicals and ephemera, especially focusing on the social sciences and humanities.
  4. A fascinating journey into Barcelona’s Roman heritage: The Museu d’Història de Barcelona (MUHBA) is a fantastic starting point, showcasing various archaeological sites and exhibits. The MUHBA Temple d’August stands as a prominent attraction, featuring impressive columns from a Roman temple. Plaça Sant Jaume and Plaça Nova are both bustling squares that house remnants of the ancient Roman city, while Casa de l’Ardiaca boasts a charming courtyard with Roman ruins. Plaça Vila de Madrid and Via Sepulcral Romana offer insights into ancient burial practices, and Plaça Ramon Berenguer showcases Roman walls.
  5. Another excellent activity part of the free plans in Barcelona is to wander through Park de la Ciutadella: Escape the bustling city center by visiting Park de la Ciutadella, Barcelona’s oldest park. This lush green oasis is an ideal spot for a leisurely stroll or a peaceful picnic. Marvel at the stunning Cascada Monumental, a grand waterfall and fountain, visit the tranquil boating lake, or explore the picturesque gardens. You can also find the Barcelona Zoo within the park premises, although it requires a separate admission fee. Immerse yourself in nature and enjoy the serenity of this enchanting urban park.
  6. Discover Free Museums: Barcelona offers several museums that offer free admission on certain days or times. The Museu Picasso offers free entry on Thursday evenings and the first Sunday of each month. The Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya offers free entry on Saturday afternoons and the first Sunday of each month. Additionally, the Museu d’Història de Barcelona and the Museu d’Història de Catalunya offer free entry on the first Sunday of each month. Take advantage of these opportunities to explore the city’s art, history, and culture without spending a euro.
  7. The last (for now) of the seven free plans in Barcelona is to explore the Montjuïc Hill: Montjuïc Hill is a sprawling green space that offers panoramic views of Barcelona and a wealth of free attractions. Explore the beautifully landscaped gardens, visit the Olympic Stadium from the 1992 Olympics, and discover the impressive Montjuïc Castle. Take a leisurely walk through the grounds, enjoy a picnic with breathtaking city views, or catch the Magic Fountain show, a captivating display of water, light, and music that takes place in the evenings. It’s important to know that this summer of 2023, the city is saving water. Montjuïc Hill is a treasure trove of natural beauty, history, and recreational activities that won’t cost you a dime.

Taking advantage of these seven free plans in Barcelona, you can explore the city’s highlights, from its lively streets to its serene parks, without breaking the bank. Barcelona is a city that captivates visitors with its rich history, stunning architecture, and vibrant culture.

Embrace the magic of Barcelona while keeping your budget intact.

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What to do this summer in Barcelona. A complete guide for 2023

Summer in Barcelona is a vibrant and exciting time, with endless opportunities to explore this magnificent city. Whether you’re a history enthusiast, a beach lover, a foodie, or an art “aficionado”, Barcelona has something for everyone. Here are some fantastic activities to make the most of your summer in Barcelona.

summer in barcelona
Summer in Barcelona
  1. This summer in Barcelona you can explore the Architectural Marvels: Barcelona is renowned for its unique architecture, notably the iconic works of Antoni Gaudí. Start your architectural journey with a visit to the awe-inspiring Sagrada Família, Gaudí’s masterpiece that remains under construction. Don’t miss Park Güell, a UNESCO World Heritage site, where you can marvel at Gaudí’s playful designs, beautiful gardens and panoramic views. Also, visit Casa Batlló and Casa Milà, two more outstanding examples of his distinctive style both located in Passeig de Gràcia. 
  2. Stroll Down Las Ramblas: Take a leisurely walk along Las Ramblas, Barcelona’s most famous boulevard. This vibrant street is lined with street performers, cafes, shops, and flower stalls. Immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere, browse the unique boutiques, and stop for a refreshing drink or ice cream at one of the many outdoor terraces.
  3. Summer in Barcelona is the perfect time to relax on the Beaches: Barcelona boasts several beautiful beaches along its coastline. Spend a day soaking up the sun, swimming in the turquoise waters, or engaging in water sports. Barceloneta Beach is the most popular and conveniently located near the city center. For a quieter atmosphere, head to Nova Icaria Beach or Bogatell Beach.
  4. Visit Montjuïc: Montjuïc is a hill that offers breathtaking views of Barcelona and numerous attractions. Take a cable car ride up the hill and explore Montjuïc Castle, a fortress dating back to the 17th century. Discover the magic of the Montjuïc Magic Fountain, which comes alive with a spectacular light and music show in the evenings. It’s important to note that the city is saving water this summer of 2023. You can also visit the Olympic Stadium, built for the 1992 Summer Olympics.
  5. This summer in Barcelona, indulge in the Catalan Cuisine: Barcelona is a food lover’s paradise, with a rich culinary tradition. Treat your taste buds to traditional Catalan dishes such as paella, tapas, and the famous seafood dish, fideuà. Try it with allioli! Explore the vibrant food markets like La Boqueria, Mercat de Sant Antoni or Mercat de Santa Caterina where you can sample local delicacies and fresh produce.
  6. Wander through the Gothic Quarter: Step back in time by exploring the winding streets of the Gothic Quarter (Barri Gòtic). This historic neighborhood is a treasure trove of medieval architecture, charming squares, and quaint shops. Visit the Barcelona Cathedral and the Plaça del Rei, a beautiful medieval square with the royal palace. Lose yourself in the enchanting labyrinth of narrow streets, filled with hidden gems and cozy cafes.
  7. Experience the Nightlife this summer in Barcelona: The city  comes alive at night, offering a vibrant and diverse nightlife scene. Start your evening with a stroll along the trendy Barceloneta area, lined with bar, restaurants and clubs. Head to the neighborhood of El Raval for a mix of trendy bars and traditional taverns. Poble Sec is another hot spot known for its lively atmosphere and popular music venues.
  8. Visit the Museums: Beat the summer heat by exploring Barcelona’s fascinating museums. The Picasso Museum houses an extensive collection of works by the legendary artist. The Joan Miró Foundation showcases the avant-garde works of this renowned Catalan painter. For history enthusiasts, the Museu d’Història de Barcelona offers a glimpse into the city’s rich past.
  9. Take a Day Trip to Montserrat: Escape the city and venture to Montserrat, a breathtaking mountain range located just outside Barcelona. Visit the Benedictine monastery nestled amidst the stunning natural landscape. Take a funicular or hike up to the peak for panoramic views. You can also explore the Montserrat Museum, which houses an impressive collection of art. 
  10. Enjoy Outdoor Festivals this Summer in Barcelona: The Ciutat Comtal is filled with vibrant festivals and events. Don’t miss the Festes de Gràcia, where the streets come alive with colorful decorations and lively parades. Experience the excitement of the Sónar Music Festival, showcasing cutting-edge electronic music. The Festa Major de Sants and the Mercè Festival are also popular celebrations with live music, fireworks, and traditional Catalan dances. 

Spending the summer in Barcelona is wonderful as it offers a plethora of activities to enjoy during the hot season. From exploring architectural marvels to lounging on beautiful beaches, indulging in culinary delights to immersing in history and culture, there is never a dull moment in this captivating city. So pack your bags, soak up the sunshine, and create unforgettable memories in Barcelona this summer.

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8 essential Catalan phrases you can’t visit Barcelona without knowing

Do you want to learn basic Catalan phrases for your next trip to Barcelona? You may be thinking that you can just get by with Spanish or English, but if you really want to impress and get to know the locals, these essential Catalan words and phrases will go a long way.

Why not use your time at home over the next few weeks to brush up your language skills in one of Spain’s official languages and add some of these useful phrases to your repertoire.

Whether you’re greeting a friend, ordering food or buying souvenirs, we’ve definitely got you covered. Preparats (ready)? 


Basic Catalan phrases to use in your next trip

Bon dia (bon dee-ah) / Bona tarda (bon-ah tard-ah)

Good morning / Good afternoon 

When strolling along the streets of Barcelona, you’ll definitely hear this phrase used again and again. Put a smile on any local’s face with this common greeting (used more than “hola”). Remember, the afternoon starts around lunchtime and lasts all the way until just before dinnertime – which is around 10 pm – so don’t be surprised if someone greets you with “bona tarda” at 8 pm!

Si us plau (see oos plow)  & Merci (mehr-see) 

Please & thank you

If you’ve visited Barcelona several times and are familiar with the Catalan language, you’ll know has some similarities with the French language. These two phrases will go a long way during your stay, so please use them abundantly. 

With “merci”, remember to put emphasis on the first syllable “meras opposed to on the final syllable, like in French.

Note: “merci” is used a lot more than “gràcies” but please take into account is is colloquial.

De res (deh res) 

You’re welcome

If it makes it a little easier to remember, you can literally translate this phrase as “of nothing”. What’s more it’s just like the French (de rien) and Spanish (de nada).

Adéu (ah-deh-ou)


Whether your waving farewell to your new Catalan friends or simply saying goodbye to the owners of your new favourite restaurant, be sure to do so with a friendly and heartfelt “adéu.

Bon profit! (bon pro-feet) 

Bon appetit!

The Catalans are a very courteous bunch, so don’t be surprised if you get total strangers declaring “bon profit” as you tuck into your meal at a local restaurant. 

Quant costa – ? (kwant coh-sta)

How much is –?

The chances are during your stay at some point you’ll be buying souvenirs, tickets for the museum or a little treat for yourself. Use this phrase and simply add whatever it is you’re asking for or point and say “això” (ay-shoh), which means “this”.

El compte, si us plau (el com-teh see oos plow)

The bill, please.

Show off your language skills and impress your friends by asking for the bill in Catalan at the end of your meal. If you really want to blend in with the locals, try switching this phrase for “Em cobres” (um cub-ras), which literally means “charge me” and is used much more frequently by Catalans.

Parles anglès? (par-las ang-less)?

Do you speak English?

Whilst the majority of locals speak very good English, this polite question is sure to make you many a new friend in the city. Not only will they be impressed with your Catalan skills, they’ll be grateful you are trying to learn their language.

While we’ve got you covered for the basics, we encourage you to download a learning app or grab a dusty phrase book from your shelf and get studying for your next trip to Barcelona! 

See you soon! Ens veiem aviat!

Some more bites

P.S. Below is a small list of other some additional vocabulary and Catalan phrases we’re sure will come in useful!

Bona nit Good night 
Perdó Sorry 
Esmorzar Breakfast 
Dinar Lunch
Sopar Dinner
Esquerra Left 
Dreta Right 
Obert Open 
Carrer Street 
Plaça Square 

We hope you liked these brief guide of basic Catalan Phrases! Ens veiem in Barcelona aviat! (See you soon in Barcelona) 🙂

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Revetlla de Sant Joan in Barcelona – The most magical night

Come to Barcelona on the eve of the 23rd June and you won’t be able to miss the spectacular celebrations happening for the Revetlla de Sant Joan. Considered to be one of biggest holidays of the year in Barcelona, the streets come alive with people and the constant crack of fireworks spiralling overhead throughout the city.

The origin of the Revetlla de Sant Joan

Whilst the actual holiday falls on the 24th June, a bank holiday in Catalonia, the celebrations all happen the night before. This is in order to celebrate the longest day of the year – otherwise known as Summer Solstice and considered to be the start of summer. Summer Solstice has always been an important tradition dating back to ancient Pagan rituals when people believed in the spiritual importance of both fire and the sun. Here in Catalonia we combined that with the celebration of the birth of Sant Joan, meaning it is still marked by symbolic customs.

As well as fire, people believe in the special powers of water and herbs on this night. For this reason you may see people going for a midnight dip in the sea as it’s thought to keep you healthy all year round. Herbs are also thought to become more powerful in their curative features on Sant Joan, especially Thyme, Rosemary and Verbena.

A night of firecrackers and bonfires

As mentioned above, fire is believed to have an extraordinary power on this night of the year, being thought to chase away evil spirits. This means the city comes alive with loud firecrackers and bonfires going on until the early hours. In fact, each city neighbourhood creates their own bonfire in which they throw old furniture, another old tradition that is thought to bring you good luck over the year. In the days leading up to the Revetlla de Sant Joan, little firecracker stands pop up all over the city for people to buy their supplies.

Celebrate la Revetlla de Sant Joan in Barcelona

Whilst there are many celebrations happening throughout the city, the neighbourhood of Barceloneta has an especially wide array of activities. Here you will find people partying until dawn, amidst an array of live music, banging firecrackers and bright burning bonfires. Beach bars set up temporary stands for revellers to stock up on food and drink over the night, and you can also find activities around the neighbourhood. These can include anything from fireworks displays with “diables” (dancing devils) and “dracs” (dragons) to beautiful orchestras getting people in the mood for a great night. If you head down to Barceloneta beach you can be guaranteed to find plenty of things to entertain you for the night.

Revetlla de Sant Joan - Where to celebrate it

You can check the program of Revetlla de Sant Joan 2018 in Barceloneta here

Don’t forget to try the Coca de Sant Joan!

To mark the occasion, people eat Coca de Sant Joan, the traditional food of the celebration. A cake that can be topped with a variety of different things including candied fruit, pine nuts or crackling.

Sant joan in Barcelona 2018 - Coca de Sant Joan

There’s no doubt about it, the Revetlla de Sant Joan is one of the most magical nights of the year to be in the city of Barcelona. If you want to make that night even more special why not check out to book yourself the perfect accommodation in Barcelona.

A Complete Guide to Barcelona Beaches

Barcelona beaches are on on our mind right now. With summer just around the corner, we’re planning long weekends with fun, sun and waves, and what better place than our beloved city?

Without a doubt, Barcelona’s all-year-round sunny climate makes it the ideal beach destination. So let’s enjoy its nine beaches spanning almost 5 km to catch some rays.

This complete guide to Barcelona beaches brings you the best the city’s coastline has to offer, all within the province. Dreaming of sand between your toes and the sea breeze in your hair? Let us take care of the rest!

Barcelona beaches map
Barcelona Beaches Map

Barcelona beaches
Platja del Somorrostro

Platja de la Barceloneta

Named after the city’s famous maritime neighbourhood, La Barceloneta is one of everyone’s favourite Barcelona beaches. Thanks to its central location – only a five-minute walk from the metro station – its plethora of bars and restaurants, its fantastic views of the W hotel and over 1 km of coastline to enjoy.

Platja de Sant Miquel

The privileged location of this Barcelona beach next to la Barceloneta that is open to nudists makes it popular among locals and tourists alike. Look out for the Wounded Shooting Star Sculpture that pays tribute to the city’s fishing district.

Platja del Somorrostro

Between the Hospital del Mar and Carrer Marina lies this Barcelona beach that used to be part of La Barceloneta. This central beach boasts a huge selection of restaurants perfect for taking in the beautiful views and people watching. Named after the shantytown that was demolished, this beach is popular among the young population of the city.

Platja de Sant Sebastià

Alongside some of the most famous Barcelona beaches, Platja de Sant Sebastià is located in Ciutat Vella. One of the city’s oldest beaches, it offers fully accessible facilities, sports clubs with an array of activities and great bus and metro connections.

Platja del Bogatell

The renovations to one of the most popular Barcelona beaches in the 80s makes this beach – with ping-pong tables, volley ball pitches and sun lounger and parasol hire – one of the most visited by people above all in their late 30s.

Platja de la Mar Bella

One of the Barcelona beaches that is open to nudists and a favourite among the LGTBQI+ population, these sandy shores can be easily accessed on bikes and public transport. What’s more, it boasts a great kids play area and basketball pitches for a great deal of fun in the sun.

Platja de la Nova Mar Bella

Another of the Barcelona beaches that forms part of the renovation of the city for the 1992 Olympic Games, Nova Mar Bella is completely accessible for the disabled and boasts a laid-back atmosphere. Close transport links include Line 4 metro stops Selva de Mar and El Maresme.

Platja del Llevant

One of the newest Barcelona beaches to become part of its renowned coastline, the Playa del Llevant offers a peaceful atmosphere outside of the city centre in the area of Diagonal Mar. Bask in the sun’s rays, take on its climbing wall, or relax at the Nueva Ola beach bar. What are you waiting for?

Platja de Nova Icària

Right in the centre of the city’s fabulous coastline is one of the city’s most tranquil and relaxing beaches. Hit the sand to unwind and escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Perfect for families and kids and groups of friends to enjoy the shores of Barcelona on the sand, in the water or in one of its beach bars.

Banys del Fòrum

And let’s not forget one of the most alternative Barcelona beaches! This salt-water outdoor pool is an alternative for those hot summer days without the sand. Open from the beginning of June until mid September from 11 am to 2 pm.


With three long beaches only 30 minutes outside of the city, Badalona’s three beaches – Central, Manresà and Gorg – are perfect for those looking to visit a beach that is frequented by locals and often overlooked by tourists. Enjoy the beautiful promenade of this neighbouring town and take in the stunning views from the “Petroli” bridge.


Perfect for surf, windsurf and kite surf lovers, the three Barcelona beaches in Montgat are only 30 minutes from the city on the local RENFE trains. Boasting many water sports centre for thrill seekers, the beach is also accessible by bike and has free parking.

Let us know, which is your favourite of these Barcelona beaches?

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The top 10 terraces in Barcelona for outdoor plans

The best terraces in Barcelona include rooftops bars and terraces lapped by the waves of the sea, and are simply perfect for outdoor plans this spring in the city. Bask in Barcelona’s all-year-round fantastic climate surrounded by the best views of the city, beach or its skyline!

With spring almost here, we’re already thinking about which of the best terraces in Barcelona we’re going to spend long weekend lunches, have drinks with friends, or relax with a good book and a coffee.

This selection covers the best spots in the city where you can catch some rays, enjoy the good outdoors and support local businesses. What more could you ask for?

As these are strange times, we do encourage you to check websites or ring restaurants in advance to double check opening times and book a table, if necessary.

The top ten best terraces in Barcelona… here we come!

Dos Torres

Via Augusta, 300, 08017 Barcelona

Think fine dining, a romantic ambience and exclusive service at one of the most coveted terraces in Barcelona. This restaurant that serves only the best Mediterranean cuisine boasts a large, stunning terrace garden in the grounds of a modernist estate. It also takes bookings for groups and private events.

Terraces in Barcelona - Dos torres
Dos Torres


Plaça del Doctor Andreu, s/n, 08035 Barcelona

Welcome to this bar and restaurant that, at night when the lights of the city below start to sparkle, becomes the club with the best views of Barcelona. Enjoy this unique terrace whilst sipping on a sophisticated cocktail from the menu or simply marvelling at Barcelona’s beautiful skyline.

Terraces in Barcelona - Mirablau


Av. de les Drassanes, 1, 08001 Barcelona

Nestled in the grounds of the Maritime Museum, one of the best terraces in Barcelona is a haven a stone’s throw away from La Rambla. Revel in this relaxed atmosphere and enjoy a few drinks and snacks from its varied menu, all while surrounded by high walls and shaded by numerous trees, making it perfect for the entire family.

Terraces in Barcelona - Norai
Norai – Terraces in Barcelona

Metropolitan Iradier

Carrer de les Escoles Pies, 105, 08017

In the north of the city in the Pedralbes neighbourhood is this luxury gym that boasts, without a doubt, one of the best terraces in Barcelona. If you’re looking for an unmissable terrace with a pool, grass area and sun loungers where you can sunbathe the day away, then this is your terrace in Barcelona. Access is open to members and non-members.

Metropolitan Iradier - terraces in Barcelona
Metropolitan Iradier – Terraces in Barcelona

Surf House Barcelona

Emília Llorca Martín, 22, 08003 Barcelona

Craving some California vibes? Head to Surf House where smoothies, juices and delicious yet healthy brunch dishes are on the menu. This is one of the best terraces in Barcelona that is pet-friendly, and it’s perfect after a morning swim or as a pick-me up before you hit the waves.

Surf house barcelona - terraces in barcelona

Cafè d’Estiu

Plaça Sant Iu, 5-6, 08002 Barcelona

Tucked away in the Frederic Marès museum is this quaint, garden terrace in the heart of the Gothic quarter. Find peace and quiet with your loved ones amongst the hustle and bustle of the city centre.

Terraces in Barcelona - Cafè d'estiu

Espai Mescladís

Carrer dels Carders, 35, 08003 Barcelona

Another of the best terraces in Barcelona, it opened its doors as a place to promote social integration for immigrants in Barcelona just minutes away from the Picasso Museum. In the heart of the city, find this space filled with antiques and trinkets, with a friendly, welcoming atmosphere.

Terraces in Barcelona . Espai Mescladís
Espai Mescladís


Carrer d’Astúries, 38, 08012 Barcelona

In the heart of Gràcia surrounded by independent boutiques, second-hand shops and quaint bakeries, this terrace can be found at the back of a sustainable and ethical store selling everything from clothes, books and gifts.

Bar with terrace in Barcelona - Olokuti

Bar Calders

Carrer del Parlament, 25, 08015 Barcelona

This charming spot in the neighbourhood of Sant Antoni boasts one of the most coveted and best terraces in Barcelona. If what you’re looking for is to rub shoulders with locals in a non-assuming location, this place is for you. Be sure to check out the bookshop with the same name right next to the bar.

Bar calders - bar barcelona
Bar Calders

That concludes our list of the best terraces in Barcelona. Tell us, which is your favourite? Looking forward to seeing you there!

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