Poble Espanyol de Montjuïc: Discover Spain’s Architectural Diversity

Located in the center of Barcelona, the Poble Espanyol de Montjuïc is Barcelona’s intriguing open-air architectural museum. Whether you want to take a tour, attend a special event or class or just wander its old streets and buildings for hours and maybe enjoy some delicious food and drink, a trip to Montjuïc is well worth it. It’s also not much of a trip since it is so centrally located, accessible by public transportation or even by foot or bicycle if you so desire. Enjoy the beautiful Mediterranean climate in the midst of Spain’s most famous architecture all within a few blocks of breathtaking buildings and alluring alleyways.


Poble Espanyol de Montjuïc was built in 1929 for the Barcelona International Exhibition. The goal in building what has become Barcelona’s fourth most visited attraction was to showcase architectural features that are quintessentially Spanish in one little inner-city village. Modeled after the typical Iberian village, it’s architectural features encompass a variety of styles found throughout the entire peninsula, with 117 buildings, streets and squares from around Spain reproduced at scale.

While the village was planned to be demolished after the fair, its impact reached far and wide, causing both the artisan community along with many interested locals to speak out against its destruction. This collage of Spanish life was built by four famous architects of the time who traveled throughout Spain, gaining inspiration from each area’s unique architectural accents. The idea was not to bring together Spanish masterpieces, but to be a monument to Spain and therefore a masterpiece in itself.

The Architectural Museum

poble espanyol de montjuïc

Built on Montjuïc Mountain, Poble Espanyol de Montjuïc is a cultural attraction you don’t want to miss featuring architecture dating back to 11th Century. At Calle Cuna you’ll notice the Arab influenced architecture while Torre de Utebo, the bell tower, is in the Aragonese Mudéjar and Gothic style. Enjoy the Neoclassic mansions, and gates from the wall of the oldest town in Europe, Ávila. Baroque and Renaissance-Herrera style palaces will wow you with their extravagance and the intricacies of their design.

While all the buildings, streets, and squares are simply replicas made with more modern equipment, the architecture won’t fail to leave you in awe of what people centuries ago were capable of building without modern construction equipment or design software. Be sure to stop by the Monasterio Romántico de Sant Miguel to witness one of the most beautiful and quaint monasteries in all of Barcelona, which also has sweeping views of the city.

A trip to Poble Espanyol de Montjuïc isn’t simply educational, it’s downright entertaining. Aside from wandering its fascinating streets and getting a glimpse of Spain through the centuries, you can also enjoy the many wonderful events it hosts. Whether you’re heading there for weekend brunch, for the early may Biergarten, or for one of their nights of food and entertainment, you will surely have a wonderful time while enjoying breathtaking views of the city below. Be sure to visit Montjuïc while staying at one of these Barcelona short term rentals.

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