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What You Need to Know Before Buying Football Tickets in Barcelona

Football (also known as soccer to some travelers) has been an essential part of Barcelona’s culture for quite some time now.  A tradition that originated all the way back in 1899, this game has developed over the years to become the thrilling experience that it is today!  If you’re planning a vacation to Barcelona, make sure to attend one of these exciting FC Barcelona games to help the locals here cheer on this talented team to victory.  There are a few things you’ll need to know when purchasing your football tickets in Barcelona, so learn all the necessary information first so you can enjoy watching these amazing Barcelona home games!

4 Things You Need to Know about Buying Football Tickets in Barcelona

  1. Barcelona Football Schedule

The Barcelona football schedule is usually confirmed and released to the public every year during mid-July.  You can then view the list of teams that Barcelona will be playing to determine which Barcelona home games you want to attend.  You can view these fixtures on the official FC Barcelona website once it’s available and even sign up for their email updates to have it sent directly to your inbox.  

  1. Football Tickets in Barcelona: Prices

Prices for these games depend on the significance of each match.  The cost can range from 15 Euros (approximately $17.00) all the way up to 247 Euros (or about $281.00).  These prices also depend on where you want to sit; general admission is much more affordable than front row seats.  Check the prices online to see which games work best for you during your Barcelona vacation.  

  1. Where to Purchase Football Tickets in Barcelona

Purchasing Barcelona soccer tickets can be done in several different ways.  You can buy them online, over the phone, at an ATM, or directly from the ticket office.  (Buying them from us here at bizFlats Vacation Rentals is also an excellent option, since we have inside contacts at FC Barcelona who can always get us tickets, even if the game you want to attend is sold out!  Call us at +34 934 925 721 for all the details.)

  1. About Camp Nou

All the Barcelona home games are played at the magnificent Camp Nou, a colossal stadium that can hold up to 99,354 cheering fans!  The largest stadium in all of Spain, this enormous establishment, constructed in 1957, is located at C. Aristides Maillol, 12, 08028 Barcelona, Spain.

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