5 of the Best Examples Barcelona Architecture

Casa Mila is an example of Barcelona architectureThe city of Barcelona, Spain, has countless unique qualities that distinguish it as one of the most desirable vacation destinations in the world.  One characteristic in particular that astounds each and every one of its many visitors is the incredible Barcelona architecture.  Scattered throughout the streets of this city are numerous magnificent buildings and landmarks unlike any other.  Learn more about the Barcelona famous architecture and start planning your dream getaway to Spain today!

5 Examples of Amazing Barcelona Architecture

1. Casa Batlló

The eccentric appearance of this building will catch your eye immediately.  Casa Batlló, designed by Antoni Gaudí, is a masterpiece like no other.  Easily recognized by its colorful mosaic exterior, this enormous house possesses other distinct qualities, like wavy shapes instead of sharp edges and swirling patterns of numerous colors.  

2. La Sagrada Familia

One of Barcelona’s most iconic landmarks, La Sagrada Familia is a must-see during your trip to this city.  This colossal building is one-of-a-kind because, even though its construction began in the year 1882, it is still under construction today and won’t be complete until the year 2026!  You will notice this Barcelona famous architecture right away due to its tall spires and exquisite adornments.

3. Park Güell

Once a high-end neighborhood for wealthy residents, Park Güell is now the perfect place to spend a day in Barcelona.  This area contains multiple attractions to visit, such as the Gaudí House Museum, which is dedicated to honoring the life of Park Güell’s architect, Antoni Gaudí.  You can observe Gaudí’s trademark style throughout this park; his love of Barcelona modern architecture is visible around every corner.  

4. Palace of Catalan Music

Your jaw will drop the second you step inside the Palace of Catalan Music!  A venue for some of the most magical musical performances in Barcelona, this gorgeous concert hall was designed in the Catalan modernista style by Lluís Domènech i Montaner in the early 1900s.  This is a wonderful place in Barcelona to attend an event; they host over 600 concerts per year!  Take a look at their calendar of events to see when you can attend their next big show.  

5. La Pedrera

Also known as Casa Milà, La Pedrera is another product of Antoni Gaudí’s talents and hard work.  This is a cultural center where people come to learn more about Barcelona architecture history as well as other fascinating facts about the city.  You’ll find plenty of things to do here, so add it to your vacation itinerary today!

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Photo by bitbeerdealer / Thinkstock