Where to Go for the Best Barcelona Cooking Class

Learn how to make tapas in a Barcelona cooking classOne of the most celebrated qualities of Barcelona’s unique and exotic culture is its incredible cuisine!  This city is known for creating some of the finest foods you’ve ever tasted; no matter where you go out to eat, you’re sure to enjoy a meal you’ll likely never forget.  Since this food is so amazing, why not take this amazing dining experience home with you?  There are countless different places you can go around the city to take a Barcelona cooking class while you’re visiting!  You can learn how to prepare some of the most classic Catalan dishes so you can make them at home once you return!  Learn all about four of the best places to take a Barcelona cooking class to help you start planning your vacation today.

4 of the Best Places to Take a Barcelona Cooking Class

  1. Cook and Taste Barcelona Cooking Classes

This organization will help familiarize you with some of Barcelona’s essential dishes, cooking styles, and seasonal ingredients.  Cook and Taste Barcelona has some skilled chefs on their staff to walk you through the tips and tricks of Catalan cooking.  This is bound to be an experience that’s both engaging and educational.  

  1. BCNKitchen Barcelona Cooking Class

Put on an apron and get ready for a class that’s both fun and insightful!  BCNKitchen Barcelona offers a wide range of classes to provide visitors with the opportunity to create numerous, traditional Catalan dishes and beverages.  You’ll be able to prepare tapas, arroces, pasta fresca, and much more.  At the end of the class, you’ll get the chance to sit down and savor the exquisite meal you’ve created!  

  1. Barcelona Cooking

Prepare your taste buds for a day with Barcelona Cooking!  They offer a variety of hands-on classes and activities to familiarize you with Catalan foods and cooking styles.  One of the activities includes a tour of La Boqueria, the local food market, during which the instructors teach the participants about the produce grown nearby, as well as other ingredients needed for Catalan cooking.  They’ll even show you how to pair exquisite Catalan wines with your meals!

  1. Travel Bound Barcelona

With some of the most enjoyable tapas cooking classes in town, you don’t want to skip taking lessons from Travel Bound Barcelona!  They’ll also show you how to make authentic paella while you sip on some sweet sangria.  These friendly chefs will walk you through every step of the process so you end up with some fantastic food at the end of the class.

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