5 of the Best Bars in Barcelona that You Need to Visit!

Enjoying martinis at the best bars in BarcelonaBarcelona is truly the ultimate vacation destination!  With excellent dining, one-of-a-kind attractions, and breathtaking scenery, Barcelona contains endless opportunities for fun and excitement.  After a thrilling day of enjoying this area’s numerous activities, treat yourself to an excellent drink at one of the best bars in Barcelona!  This city is home to all kinds of fantastic places to grab a drink.  Discover a few of the best bars in Barcelona and experience some of this culture’s finest (and tastiest) creations!

5 of the Best Bars in Barcelona

1. Ginger

Located within the iconic Gothic Quarter, Ginger is a beloved spot in Barcelona due to its delectable Catalan dishes, incredible music selection, and, of course, wide variety of drinks!  One side of Ginger in Barcelona leads to a cocktail bar, while the other leads to a wine tasting bar.  This bar’s funky lighting and cozy environment will make you feel right at home the moment you walk in, so don’t skip this wonderful spot in one of Barcelona’s finest and most historic neighborhoods.  

2. Flaherty’s Irish Pub Barcelona

Without a doubt one of the best pubs in Barcelona, Flaherty’s Irish Pub Barcelona is the ideal place to grab a beer with friends while watching FC Barcelona play on one of the big screen TVs!  Their extensive menu of delicious foods and large selection of beer and cocktails will make you never want to leave this spot in Las Ramblas.  

3. Ajoblanco

Taste some authentic and mouthwatering tapas by visiting Ajoblanco, a bar that is also one of the best restaurants in Barcelona!  With a comfortable and easygoing atmosphere, this 1970s-styled joint is a great place to enjoy a meal paired with specialty cocktails.  They host DJ sessions and live music every week so you can get out on the floor with your friends and dance the night away!

4. Ideal Cocktail Bar

One of the most historic bars in Barcelona, Ideal was first established in 1931 as a stylish, classy joint that catered to some of Europe’s most influential and respected figures.  Today, this upscale bar contains a never-ending menu of delightfully creative cocktails.  There’s something for everyone here, so make sure to add Ideal Cocktail Bar to your Barcelona itinerary.  

5. Boadas Cocktails

You’ll feel as though you’ve taken a step back in time when you visit Boadas Cocktails in Barcelona!  This bar is rich in history and culture, which can be seen by the ancient, framed photographs adorning the walls and the priceless antique artifacts scattered throughout.  This fascinating gem of Las Ramblas is a wonderful place to spend some time sipping a cocktail and learning about Barcelona’s role throughout history.  

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