See the best views in the Montjuic Cable Car

Take a Ride in the Montjuïc Cable Car to See the Best Views in Barcelona

Traveling is good for you; not only does it refresh the mind and the body, but also leaves you with memories that will last a lifetime.  If you’re wondering where to take your next big trip, look no further than Barcelona; this exotic city has countless activities and attractions!  One of the highlights of your Barcelona vacation should be a trip to the magnificent Montjuïc Castle, a colossal landmark overlooking the crystal blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea.  Once serving as a military fortress, it now contains exhibits describing its history to educate the public; its prime location at the top of this city’s most historic mountain also creates some of the finest, panoramic views of the city and its surrounding sea port.  However, the best part of this attraction might be taking the trip up there!  In order to ascend Mount Jupiter to reach the castle, you have to be transported by the Montjuïc cable car.  Step aboard the cabin of this cable car and gaze out the window as you rise above the treetops; you’ll be blown away by the miles and miles of breathtaking scenery that’s surrounding you. Learn all about how to get to Montjuïc and start planning your trip today!  

All About the Montjuïc Cable Car

There are three different stations for the Montjuïc cable car: Miramar, Parc de Montjuïc, and Castell de Montjuïc.  Your tickets for this transportation can easily be purchased online; the Montjuïc Cable Car price is about 10.80 Euros for adults (about $12.00) and 7.92 for children ages 4-12 ($8.00).  The Montjuïc cable car is open daily, with only a brief closure from late January to mid-February.

About the Montjuïc Castle in Barcelona

The Montjuïc Castle stands at about 185 yards above the port.  Although it played a role at a bleak time in the country’s history, it did serve as a solid defense during the War of Spanish Succession.  Today, you can visit this castle to view its temporary exhibits and attend fun events, like outdoor movies during the warmer months.  You won’t find better views of the area anywhere else than Montjuïc Castle in Barcelona.  You can participate in guided tours here or simply roam around its grounds.  Be sure to visit the neighboring Park Güell while you’re here as well, a famous icon of Barcelona.  This area was one of Gaudí’s finest masterpieces; you’ll love his unique use of different shapes and colors.

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Photo by Marianna Ceccarelli / Thinkstock