Any new city can be completely bewildering to the traveler, and there’s nothing more devastating than finding out you missed seeing something truly amazing while you were there, like the Picasso Museum’s beautiful collection of the famous artist’s early work, or the Gaudi Cathedral being built before your very eyes. We make sure there’s no hidden corner of Barcelona left unveiled with our exemplary tours. From food and wine to art and culture, we’ll make sure you find that part of Barcelona that speaks most deeply to you – and that you’ll remember as the highlight of your trip.

We offer tours by foot, bicycle, scooter, GoCar, Segway, balloon, helicopter, boat, and any other method of transportation you can imagine! We also offer fully customized tours for those with their own ideas of what makes the perfect tour, and an option for a personal shopper to take you on a tour of best shopping districts. Pick the side of Barcelona that most enchants you, and we’ll reveal its hidden depths.

By foot, explore:

  • The Gothic Quarter
  • The Pearls of Modernism
  • The Picasso Museum
  • F.C. Barcelona
  • BCN Avangarde
  • Barcelona Through the Camera (a photo tour, in which a professional photographer will show you how to take perfect photos of this beautiful city)

By bus, discover:

  • Barcelona By Bus
  • The Panoramic Spanish Village Tour
  • The Art Tour
  • Montserrat
  • Girona & the Dalí Museum

By bike, head into:

  • The City Center
  • Tibidabo

By scooter, putt through:

  • The Highlights of Barcelona
  • The Full City Tour

By air, soar with:

  • Hot-Air Balloon, with an option of the Discover Tour or an Exclusive outing
  • Helicopter, cruising along with the Coastline, SkyTour, or SkyTour and Montserrat trips

By sea, cruise along for:

  • Boating by sunset
  • Sailing by sunshine

At night, uncover Barcelona with our:

  • Nighttime Bike Tour
  • VIP Nightlife Guide

For something a little different, try:

  • The GoCar Explorer, heading uptown, downtown, and all around Barcelona
  • The Segway Express, with your choice of an idle coastline tour or the Xtreme adventure option