executive apartment rental in Barcelona
Fresh towels and bed linens are always provided

Business sense and luxury surroundings come together at last.

The executive business traveler has a lot on his plate these days. He wants to travel in comfort, to know that he can always get exactly what he needs when he needs it, and to do it all without breaking the corporate account. At bizFlats, we offer a flawless traveling experience with all the executive amenities even the most discerning of our clients could want, with absolutely no stress, disturbance, or invasion of privacy allowed.

Any executive has only one thing on his mind when he travels to a foreign country on a business trip: getting the job done well and efficiently. And every executive has seen the situation in which a bad travel experience means so much stress and aggravation that a client was accidentally insulted, a meeting went poorly, or a first impression was botched. All of it could have been prevented, if only the people providing your travel needs had been a little more caring about your needs.

monthly executive apartment rentals

With bizFlats, you’ll never need to stress about your travel affairs again. The executive experience begins right at the airport, where one our transport services will pick you up at the gate so you needn’t haggle with local taxis trying to take advantage or have the difficulty of finding your way through Barcelona on your own.

Your personal executive rental costs a fraction of a luxury 4- or 5-star hotel (on average, we’ve found our rates are 30-50% less), and you get so much more for the cost, beginning with space. You’ll have an entire apartment to yourself, as opposed to the single room and bath available to you in a hotel room. Choose a flat with a balcony, a terrace, a pool, an extra room for your assistant – name it, and we have a property to suit you.

bizFlats Business Class Apartments in Barcelona

You’ll also be able to host and entertain clients in style. Invite them to dinner and host them in your dining room, or simply have them to drinks in your living room. You can even run an entire meeting from your executive rental – the beautifully designed and furnished interior and our ready and capable staff mean you’re never at a loss to transform the space to your needs.

Even better, you’ll have the privacy and quiet you need to arrange your affairs without interference. You needn’t worry about loud neighbors in the hotel room next door or maid service knocking on your door because you forgot that silly little sign on the doorknob. For the time you’re staying with us, your executive flat is your home. You’ll never feel at sea again.