bizFlats on TV3 in the Livingstone apartment

At bizFlats we are clearly aware how unviable it is for many people to live within the cramped quarters of a hotel room while in the midst of a production.

Therefore, we'd like to offer you an exceptional service perfectly suited to your specific requirements so that you can concentrate entirely on making your project a success.


From individual apartments, to large apartments with capacity for a whole team, all the way through to impressive penthouses and villas, where you might like to accommodate the producer, director, actors and a great many of the support staff.

Have a look at further benefits of renting your accommodation from bizFlats:

  • Complete freedom to schedule your agenda
  • Housekeeping according to your needs; never be disturbed again!
  • Plenty of space - for a meeting or to chill out
  • Each apartment and house has its very own personality
  • Competitive rates, adapted to the length of your stay
  • Relaxed ambiance, silence, no interruptions
  • The confidence of feeling Like at Home without the inconvenience


Due to the special characteritics of our properties, several of then have been featured in photographic reports in specialist design and decoration publications, been the backdrop for interviews with celebrities and played a part in advertising campaigns. Go ahead and consult us for this type of service.

Photo shoot at a bizFlats apartment

Special Events

Several of our spectacular villas and houses are available for presentations, exclusive parties and cocktails. We offer exceptional venues, houses with a name of their own, designed by renowned architects and artists, that blend effortlessly into the surroundings. To create dreamlike moments that your guests will never forget, consult with bizFlats.

Please call us on +34 932 092 385 or send us an email, we'll be glad to assist personally.