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Eliminate the stress of coordination – without breaking your accommodations budget

Often, companies need to send groups of their employees – sometimes whole teams or departments – to Barcelona for seminars, meetings, or collaboration with another company. When that situation happens, the expense can be enormous, and the logistics of getting everyone accommodated at the same hotel are difficult to say the least. What’s more, how will everyone meet? How will they stay in touch with one another?

LaMimosa 3 bedrooms apartment in Barcelona

Corporate flats are the solution to both the expense and the problem of coordinating a team. No matter what your reasons for being in town, the expense of accommodating a team of people is mitigated when you share the cost of a corporate flat. Our rates are over 50% less than staying a luxury hotel– and the accommodations you’ll find with us are so far superior to any hotel that you’ll be stunned. You’ll also never want to travel any other way.

With our corporate flats, there are beds available for all your team members in one our spacious rentals, with gorgeous furnishings, full kitchen accommodations, and housekeeping. You’ll have all your business needs taken care of with full WiFi hook-ups, computer jacks, and other equipment set-ups, all arranged by our helpful staff. If you want to hold full-scale meetings in your flat, feel free – it’s yours to do with as you see fit, and the stylish surroundings are appropriate for even the most delicate of business interactions.

bizFlats Business Class Apartments in Barcelona

We’ve seen our corporate apartments used for everything from conferences to seminars, and we’ve helped house entire trade shows in beautiful spaces that feel like a home away from home. Our staff is always standing by to make sure you have everything you need, from equipment rentals to restaurant recommendations for that client you’re trying to impress to our-call masseuses to help you unwind after a long day’s work.

What’s more, you’ll have the space you need to plan together without worrying about being overheard in a hotel lobby, or alternatively paying for a large enough space to accommodate all of your people. The full kitchen means you’ll be able to cook meals and enjoy time with your peers instead of all of you being shut up in your own hotel rooms night after night, eating off the room service menu and getting chewed out by your boss for racking up a high bill.

Cost-efficiency, beautiful surroundings, easy interaction with your co-workers and peers, and a space to host your own business needs, whatever they might be. What more could you possibly want out of your next business trip to Barcelona?