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You wouldn’t want to eat at a tourist trap – why would you want to sleep in one? When you choose Bizflats vacation rentals Barcelona, you won’t have to

Barcelona is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and it’s the perfect destination if you’re looking for a dream getaway; book Bizflats vacation rentals Barcelona and see just how perfect your trip can be.. After you’ve spent a long day exploring the Gothic Quarter, or being stunned by the amazing Parc Güell designed by Antoni Gaudí, how do you want your day to come to a close?

Staring wide-eyed at the ceiling after eating overpriced, poorly cooked room service food, listening to the sounds of your neighbors watching TV through the paper-thin wall of your hotel room?

... or

perhaps sipping a glass of wine on your very own balcony, before retiring to a lovely home-cooked meal in the dining room and a long sleep in a fully furnished, beautiful home?

bizFlats Business Class Apartments in Barcelona

... we thought so!

When you’re on vacation, you don’t want to worry about anything, and that’s exactly the experience our vacation apartments in Barcelona offer you. Barcelona is a magical city, and you shouldn’t have to break out of the dream every evening when you turn your steps toward bed. The neighborhood — or Barrios — you choose to stay while in Barcelona should be just as amazing an experience as anything you do during your time wandering the city itself. Not all vacation apartments in Barcelona are created equally; choosing bizFlats will ensure the dream stays a reality, throughout your entire trip.

What to expect...

We offer beautiful, fully furnished apartments with space for you, your friends, and anyone else you want to come along. We have sweet, romantic apartments for honeymooning couples on a romantic getaway, and big spacious beautiful condos for groups of friends looking to take the city by storm.

Host parties. Bring your entire wedding party. Tuck your kids into a real bed in their own room instead of a hotel cot at the foot of your bed.

Every bizFlats apartment comes fully outfitted with comfortable linens, a spacious kitchen (should you wish to cook at home rather than visit one of Barcelona’s many tapas or Paella restaurants) and plenty of space to relax after a long day walking the city. With unique décor, you’ll never feel like you are in a generic hotel chain room, and there are always windows to throw open and allow the Barcelona sea breeze in.

No one said your Barcelona vacation rental has to be touristy! Stay where the locals stay and enjoy your experience that much more.

bizFlats Business Class Apartments in Barcelona

When you travel to Barcelona, we want you to be able to see the city as Barcelonans do and that means you don’t want to stay where the tourists stay. Eat where the Barcelonans eat, dance where they dance, do what they do – and live the way they live, in an apartment right here in the center of the city, instead of a sterile hotel room that could be anywhere in the world.

Even better, we’re always here to make your experience of the city itself just that much better. We can accommodate any request and we’ll make sure you always have the perfect activity for any hour of the day you name. We’ll help you find the tours that will captivate your imagination, the museums that will move you to tears, the perfect place to take your children swimming. Give us a challenge – we promise we’ll rise to meet it.

It’s your vacation. Do you want to spend it like a tourist, or do you want to know what it’s like to truly live in Barcelona? Contact us today and book your perfect vacation getaway.