We believe the experience of travel should be unequivocally wonderful.

Vintage Apartment in El Born

There’s business travel. There’s travel for pleasure, for vacation, for experience, for education. There are all sorts of reasons to get out into the world and immerse yourself in a new city, meet new people, discover new things.

We’ve found that the one factor that determines how successful any of those ventures are is how happy you are at the end of the day. If you have to go home a hotel with walls so thin you can hear the people next door brushing their teeth, that amazing restaurant you just ate in will fade from your mind. If you have to go to bed worried about getting your things stolen in the night, you won’t enjoy the adventures of the next day. And if you had to travel all the way to the outskirts of the city to find a hotel you could afford, you’re going to be stressed about getting to that business meeting on time, and you won’t make a good impression.

We’ve traveled the world, and we know that there’s simply nothing to match a private apartment for any travel experience. Whether you’re in Barcelona for business or pleasure, you need a beautiful home to call your own for a few days, a few weeks, a few months – or longer. It won’t feel like vacation unless you can truly get away from it all – and that includes the stresses that come with hotel stays.

As travelers ourselves, we started bizFlats to make sure we provided every possible service a professional traveler might need, from housekeeping to prime locations to gorgeous furnishings to privacy, quiet and the latest in WiFi connections. We started our business in 2004, and since then we’ve heard nothing but raves from our very satisfied clients. Truly, a business flat is the only way to travel in Barcelona.

What’s more, we never limit ourselves to serving you only at your home away from home. We know and love this city, and we want you to experience it the way Barcelonans do. That’s why we’re always at your beck and call to deliver anything from a restaurant recommendation to tickets to the latest show. We’ll get you a spot on a tour of the city’s most amazing features, and we’ll bring the spa experience to you when you want to unwind after a hard day.

Don’t simply travel. Experience Barcelona the way true natives experience the city. Staying in a hotel makes you a tourist – staying with us makes you a guest in our city. Above all things, when you stay in bizFlats in Barcelona, we want you to feel at home here as much as we do.

Come join us today. Drop us a line and we’ll get you your very own personal flat in Barcelona – and you can start seeing the city as it was meant to be seen.

Jaume Barberena