Festival of Sant Joan in Barcelona 2022

Sant Joan 2022 is almost here! And we’ve got the best plans for you to make sure you enjoy this spark-filled festivity in Barcelona. The first Sant Joan in two years to be celebrated without any COVID restrictions promises to be fire-tastic!

The night of Sant Joan, known as la revetlla in Catalan, is one of the most popular dates of the year. Bonfires, street parties, music and colourful fireworks bring to life the city of Barcelona in what is a celebration of the summer solstice or midsummer and the shortest night of the year.

Here’s a list of our favourite things to do this Sant Joan 2022 in Barcelona. We hope you enjoy them!

Sant Joan
Sant Joan

Will there be any restrictions this Sant Joan?

As mentioned, after two years, this Sant Joan is most likely to be first one in two years not to be subject to COVID restrictions. However the city council has still not released specific details. We know that last year restrictions allowed only small-format bonfires and night clubs and bars had a closing time of 3.30 am. Keep up to date with the latest announcements on the local government’s website here.

Where can I see the Flama del Canigó this Sant Joan?

This 50-year tradition deep rooted in Catalan identity is a symbol of Catalan-speaking territories. This flame stays alight all year round in the Castellet de Perpiñà. On the 22nd of June every year, locals take it to the top of the sacred Canigou (Canigó) Mountain in France. The flame is distributed among those present, who then take it and light the bonfires of the Sant Joan celebrations. This year the flame arrives in Barcelona at midday on the 23rd, at the Parlament de Catalunya. It will then be distributed throughout the city in magical, fun-filled parades.

What Sant Joan activities will there be throughout the city?

Throughout the different neighbourhoods in Barcelona you’ll find a range of activities and local bonfires organized by the local councils of each area to celebrate what is the shortest night of the year.

The official details are still yet to be released by some of the local areas for the Sant Joan 2022 festivities, but keep your eye on the above website for the latest news.

Head to Raval for an evening of live music, bonfires and more. The famous Canigó flame will arrive at the Rambla de Raval at approximately 7pm to light the neighbourhood’s bonfire, with live music, food and a DJ to see you into the early hours of the morning!

La Sagrera has also organized a range of activities in the Plaça dels Jardins d’Elx. There will be a bonfire lit using the famous Canigó flame and a local dinner, where everyone brings their own food. Don’t miss the bar run by residents and a DJ until midnight for a truly local experience.

For a very lively atmosphere with bonfires, fireworks and partying, head to Barcelona’s beaches. At La Barceloneta you’ll find large groups who set up camp on the beach ready for a long night of celebrations with live music, drumlins are more.

We recommend heading there early to get a spot as the beach soon fills up. If you’re with children we recommend leaving before midnight, which is when things start to get rowdy!

Sant Joan from the heights of Barcelona

If you’re looking to enjoy this Sant Joan in a more relaxed, laid-back atmosphere, why not enjoy it from the heights of the city? Take a picnic to Montjuïc to marvel at the fireworks or book a table at one of Barcelona’s many rooftop bars and restaurants to enjoy the night in style.

Where can I buy the famous Coca de Sant Joan?

The Sant Joan coca is the tastiest treat of this summer solstice festivity in Barcelona. This anis-flavoured brioche bread is made with a variety of ingredients, and you’ll find sweet and savoury options for all tastes.

Don’t miss it in the windows of all of the city’s bakeries, filled with marzipan, dried fruits, nuts, cream, and more. Enjoy the coca de Sant Joan on the evening of the 23rd while reveling in the festivities or the next day with lunch – it’s equally as tasty!

Let us know, what are your plans for Sant Joan 2022? If you’re looking for somewhere to stay during this year’s festivities, don’t forget to check out Bizflat’s long-term and short-stay apartments so you don’t miss out on a thing!

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