Travel from London to Barcelona by Train

Take a Train from London to Barcelona for One of the Best Trips Ever!

London is an incredible destination like no other; their iconic landmarks and countless things to do set the scene for an exciting vacation.  However, if you’re craving some time away from the busy city life, take a train from London to Barcelona!  Traveling by train is such a different experience than flying; you can trade rushing through crowded airports and stressing over delayed flights to sitting in a comfortable spacious seat as you watch the picturesque landscape passing by.  With all of the recent developments in transportation, you can take a train from London to Paris, then from Paris to Barcelona, all within a single day!  Discover some of the best trains to take from London to Barcelona to treat yourself to one of the most exciting trips of a lifetime!

5 Ways to Find the Best Train to Take from London to Barcelona

  1. Seat 61

This travel service will help you through every step of booking your travel from London to Spain!  Seat 61 guarantees that you can have breakfast in London, lunch in Paris, and dinner in Barcelona- all for a reasonable rate.  Their website is a great resource for any information you need regarding how to get around in these foreign areas.

  1. Loco2

Travel over 900 miles in just 10.5 hours!  Loco2 will help you find the best high-speed trains to take you to your preferred destination; they’ll also give you information to help you with the interchange process so you can travel efficiently and confidently.  

  1. Gopili

Find the lowest possible prices when you use Gopili to help you conquer the London to Barcelona distance!  This service compares a variety of different sources to help you find the cheapest train ticket to Spain.  They’ll also help you find other means of transportation if you need them, such as flights or ride sharing.  

  1. National Rail Enquiries

Save time and money by taking advantage of the many helpful tips and resources that National Rail Enquiries provides.  Find the route and time that accommodates your schedule best and get ready to see some new places and attractions!  

  1. Grounded Travel

Grounded Travel presents all kinds of options for your trip from London to Barcelona.  You can use specific services to get to Spain as quickly as possible, or you can choose to take a longer route by sleeper train to allow you some time to explore Paris during the day.  Make the most of your travel between these two incredible places by booking the trip that’s best for you!

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Photo by David De Lossy / Thinkstock