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Leave the hassles of property management behind

We are a comprehensive property management team committed to the values of integrity and transparency. Our dedicated team prioritizes your Barcelona property investment, demonstrating a genuine concern for your home and a profound understanding of property investment dynamics. Explore how our specialized expertise and personalized approach can optimize your property’s potential, providing you with a seamless and gratifying ownership experience. With bizFlats, leave the day to day hassles behind and collect your passive income!

24/7 Care

We handle the complexity of the day to day of your rental property so our owners enjoy passive income stress-free. Managing guests, maintenance, insurance, regulations and more.

Intergrity & Communication

We create relationships with our owners based on transparency and passion for their investment. Monthly reporting along fluid communication are consistent in our management style.

Optimization & Design

We enhance your property to appeal to ideal guests, strengthening your rental investment for the long-term. Our expertise is in the details that make your home shine.

Our method is to create the best version of your home in all aspects and then market your property with the key elements for the right guests.  We select properties that are unique spaces. Nestled strategically across Barcelona’s prime districts, our properties have been hand picked to offer convenient access to the city’s key business hubs and leisure attractions, making the homes we manage the ideal stay for the right guests.

Cleaning | Maintenance | Regulations | Insurances | Guest Services


We carry out comprehensive personalized management, making certain your property is optimized at the right audience for the best price. Guiding you through every aspect of renting your property, we approach each one individually, ensuring a seamless and bespoke process tailored to your needs.


We manage end to end marketing including professional photography, accurate rental descriptions and listings and effective marketing placements. Our marketing expertise is cross channel and continually works for our owners.


We make sure guests have a good experience, from check-in to check-out. Our concierge services are bespoke and personalized. Our attention to details includes making sure the property is ideal for the guest and has the amenities needed for a memorable stay.

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