Why the Turó de la Rovira is So Amazing

See views of Barcelona from the turó de la roviraBarcelona is a beautiful city steeped in history and culture.  You’ll find all kinds of secret treasures hidden throughout this remarkable destination, from bars on the beach to ancient historic sites.  One of the best spots you need to visit in Barcelona is the Turó de la Rovira.  Offering the best views in the entire area, this place also represents a significant point in Barcelona history.  Discover everything there is to know about this attraction off the beaten road and add it to your itinerary today!

Everything You Need to Know about the Turó de la Rovira in Barcelona

What is the Turó de la Rovira?

Turó de la Rovira is a restored heritage space in Barcelona.  This historic attraction draws numerous visitors because it offers some of the finest sights of the surrounding city.  Once you reach the top, you’ll be treated to 360 degree panoramic views spanning the entire area of Barcelona.  Bring your camera so you can capture this breathtaking beauty forever!  Be aware that there’s no shelter here, so make sure to have plenty of sunscreen if you plan on staying here a while.  This is also a great romantic spot to watch the sun go down with your special someone!  However, the absolute best part of this attraction in Barcelona is that it’s absolutely free and always open 24/7!

History of Turó de la Rovira

This towering hill was once an Iberian settlement.  This area was ultimately abandoned, however, and was used as a defense during the Spanish Civil War.  Anti-aircraft guns were installed here to protect the city from air attacks.  Following the war, a neighborhood was established here.  Although it was destroyed back in the 1990s, you can still see the remains scattered about, as well as the bunkers that once held the anti-aircraft batteries.  

How to Get to Turó de la Rovira

You have three different options for traveling to this fantastic place in Barcelona.  The first is to take the metro to the Alfons X stop, then walk the remaining 25 minutes up the hill.  Another way to get even closer is to take a bus to Stop 1448 so you’ll be left with a brief ten-minute walk.  You can also take a taxi if you don’t want to walk up the steep paths.  

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