Spotting the Best Street Art in Barcelona

Barcelona is a city that breathes creativity. Beyond its world-renowned museums and galleries, the streets themselves are a vibrant canvas. For art lovers and photography enthusiasts, Barcelona’s street art scene offers a treasure trove of visually stunning and thought-provoking works. Whether it’s illegal graffiti or commissioned pieces by some of the city’s famous artists like El Pez, who now tours the world painting large murals in every continent, you’ll find an abundance of color and art at every corner.

It’s not just spray-paint art though.  Today’s street art uses anything and everything to display a message or communicate a feeling.  The most common forms of Barcelona’s Street Art are just as likely to be mosaics or stencils and some even use recycled materials collected from the street’s refuse.

From the gritty charm of El Raval to the historic allure of the Gothic Quarter, here’s your guide to finding the best street art in Barcelona.

El Raval: The Heart of Urban Creativity

El Raval is a melting pot of cultures and artistic expressions. Known for its eclectic vibe, this neighborhood is a hotspot for street art. As you wander through its narrow streets, you’ll encounter a mix of large murals, intricate stencils, and colorful graffiti.

Must-See Spots in El Raval:

  • Carrer de la Riereta: This street is a gallery in itself, featuring works by both local and international artists.
  • Carrer de Joaquín Costa: Here, you’ll find an ever-changing array of murals and tags that reflect the neighborhood’s dynamic spirit.

Jardins de les Tres Xemeneies: An Open-Air Gallery

Located in the Poble-sec neighborhood, the Jardins de les Tres Xemeneies is an urban park that doubles as an open-air gallery. Easy to find, just head to the where you see the 3 big chimneys breaking the skyline on Avinguda del Paral-lel .

This space is dedicated to street art, with walls specifically designated for artists to showcase their talents.  Art creation is actually encouraged here, so you are allowed to paint, and you should be able to see and talk with some of the artists as they paint.  Head further down Paral.lel where it meets Plaça de les Drassanes, here you’ll find another public park space called Jardí Walter Benjamin.  Artists can paint legally here as well and there are always new and interesting murals on display.


  • Large-Scale Murals: The park’s walls feature impressive murals that cover various themes and styles.
  • Community Vibe: The park often hosts events and workshops, making it a lively spot for both artists and spectators.

The Gothic Quarter & El Born: A Blend of History and Modern Art

The historic charm of the Gothic Quarter and El Born is beautifully juxtaposed with contemporary street art. As you explore the labyrinthine streets, you’ll stumble upon hidden gems that add a modern twist to these ancient neighborhoods.

Must-Visit Areas:

  • Carrer dels Mirallers: A small street in El Born where you can find striking pieces by well-known street artists.
  • Plaça Reial: Not only a beautiful square, but also home to some interesting street art if you look closely at the walls and surrounding streets.

Poblenou: The Industrial Art District

Poblenou, with its industrial past, has become a hub for street artists. The neighborhood’s wide streets and abandoned factories provide the perfect canvas for large-scale murals.

Key Spots in Poblenou:

  • Carrer de Pere IV: This street is lined with impressive murals and is a must-see for street art enthusiasts.
  • Poblenou Urban District: The heart of the neighborhood’s art scene, hosting numerous murals and public art projects.

Gràcia: A Bohemian Haven

Gràcia, known for its bohemian vibe, is another excellent spot for street art. The neighborhood’s artistic atmosphere is reflected in its colorful murals and quirky pieces.

Artistic Highlights:

  • Carrer de l’Or: This street often features new and exciting street art pieces.
  • Plaça del Sol: A popular square surrounded by walls adorned with vibrant street art.

Street Art Walking Tours

To truly immerse yourself in Barcelona’s street art scene, consider joining a street art walking tour. These tours are guided by knowledgeable locals who can provide context and insights into the artworks and the artists behind them.

Recommended Tours:

  • Barcelona Street Style Tour: This tour takes you through some of the city’s most iconic street art spots, including El Raval and Poblenou.
  • Street Art Barcelona: Offers personalized tours that can be tailored to your interests, covering various neighborhoods and styles.

Instagrammable Spots

That feeling when you find that perfect background for your Instagram photo is everything!

For those looking to capture the perfect Instagram shot, Barcelona’s street art provides endless opportunities. The vibrant colors, unique designs, and urban backdrops make for stunning photos.

Top Instagrammable Spots:

  • The Murals in Jardins de les Tres Xemeneies: The large, colorful murals here are perfect for a dramatic shot.
  • Carrer de l’Or in Gràcia: The eclectic and ever-changing art makes for a unique backdrop.
  • Plaça de les Glòries Catalanes in Poblenou: The striking street art here contrasts beautifully with the urban landscape.

For other ideas and inspiration, check out our article with Barcelona’s top places to take photos.

Exploring Barcelona’s street art scene is an adventure that takes you beyond traditional tourist spots and into the heart of the city’s creative spirit. Whether you’re an art lover, a photography enthusiast, or simply someone looking for something different, the vibrant street art in neighborhoods like El Raval, Jardins de les Tres Xemeneies, and the Gothic Quarter will leave you inspired.

So grab your camera, put on your walking shoes, and get ready to discover the artistic pulse of Barcelona, one mural at a time!

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